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introducing: a membership for the cutting edge

You're not crazy. You're just a spiritual person in a world that doesn't think spiritually. 


We'd even go as far as to call you, "The Cutting Edge."

At The Second Paradigm, we're constantly pushing the edges of living a soul-aligned life. A big piece of that is acknowledging that it's real in the first place.

We know we can never convince anyone to live an intuitively guided life—but we can help those who are already on The Cutting Edge to understand what they're doing and why it's not only real, but immeasurably valuable.

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channel night monthly:

The first Tuesday of every month, we're hosting a live event to help overcome the biggest challenges of living a soul-aligned life in 2020. It's clear and concise context to help soul make sense.

With Live Light Language from Miriam, a Live Teaching from B (channeled by David), and real-time audience Q&A, these potent evenings help to create deep clarity and spiritual solidity.

light language monthly:

On the 1st of every month, Miriam releases a new  Light Language recording. Think of it as a monthly group healing session.

This is a 5-10 minute recording that can be used throughout the month to recenter, settle into the energies of Peace and Truth, and clear out the gunk that makes it harder to trust our pure intuitive connection.

second paradigm monthly:

channel night + light language


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Where Soul Makes Sense
David Hrostoski and Miriam Wagoner discuss life in The Second Paradigm. From grounded spirituality to business, social and political trends, and current events—no topic is off the table.
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