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These mini-courses are a great, easy way to dip your toe in and see what The Second Paradigm is all about.


Every month, we’re exploring a new topic through a detailed channeled document and a series of LIVE videos in a private Facebook group—all for just $47 or $33/mo with the 47 Club.


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Second Paradigm 47 Course Channeled Docu
Sessions are 50% Off!
Dive deep into exactly what's happening in your life from a soul perspective in a session with David and the being he channels, B.
For the rest of 2019 (or until bookings are full), get half off a session.

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This is the spiritual perspective on why financial hardship happens, and what you can do about it.

“Nobody gets me.” How to resolve that nagging feeling of "Spiritual Shame."

What is

Spiritual Shame?

Feeling everyone's stuff and getting slimed on the daily? Here's some tips to "unslime yourself."

"Unslime Yourself"

for Empaths

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Learn about The Second Paradigm, soul-aligned business, and see the big picture of why and how we do the work we do.

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