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What is your Address?

Kadak Post, Thakursai Gevhande, Pavananagar-Kamshet Rd, Pune, Maharashtra 410406.

How far from Mumbai?

150km around from central Mumbai. You can check exact distance on Google maps.

How far from Pune?

60km around from central Pune. You can check exact distance on Google maps.

What about washroom?

Washrooms are behind the Glamp. We have only 6 glamps and 3 washrooms, well made and equipped with all toiletries. Also we do clean and sanitize after every use. Disinfectant always there so you can also use. Anytime if you feel its not cleaned, we have guy there you can ask him to clean. So it won't be an issue.

Check in/out time?

Check-in is from 5 PM and Check-out is from 10 AM. We can accommodate delay or pre-check-in by 1 hour.

Cancellation Policy?

1. If you cancel before a week then 70% refund, if you cancel within week then no refund. 2. If there is full lockdown at your area or at Glamp Everest location then you can reschedule the booking. There is no refund. 3. If you are tested Covid19 positive with in a week of your booking date then you can reschedule the booking. There is no refund.

Can we carry our own hukka?

No, as per our policy we do not allow our guest to carry hukka.

Is the place is pet friendly?

Yes, we are happy to welcome pets too. But there are certain guidelines which needs to be followed. Please inform about the pets while booking and also at check-in.

Can we postpone our booking?

Postponing booking is considered as cancellation only. So if you inform before a week, you can do postpone depending on availability on your desired date.

Do you have any package if we don't want to stay?

Yes, we do customise package. Contact team for further information.

How soon should I book or how many days prior I need to book?

There is no as such time limit. It's just matter of availability. So if it's available its better to book soon.

Is it safe for girls?

Yes. Many solo girls and girls group visit our place. You can check our Instagram page for that.

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Miriam has been really driving our personal health kick and following a bunch of truther accounts which all independently point to many of the same health products.

Out of everything we’ve seen and tried, these are the products we're personally using and recommend.

You'll notice a trend here: detox, supplementing vitamins and minerals we rarely get in the modern world...and more detox.

Using these links will give us a little kickback, but don’t feel obligated to buy from these links if you find a brand or product you resonate with more. 

As with everything else, trust yourself and trust the timing!

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