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The Second Paradigm is a spiritual education company for those who've gone so far along the intuitive path, they've outgrown the world they live in.

We specialize in intuition and helping to make sense of the spiritual journey.

Our body of work is an entirely unique, comprehensive spiritual framework that gives spirituality a tangible destination and makes a real-time personal connection to divinity truly possible.

David and Miriam from The Second Paradigm
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intuitionOS University

You'll Learn:


Why people struggle to hear their intuition (it gets to be easy)


How to sort intuition vs. fear, overwhelm, anxiety, and collective energies.


A simple meditation to stay connected even when life gets hard.


How to Unlock

Your Intuition

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See the latest from The Second Paradigm, join the discussion with others on the same path, and get Instant Access to our free resources, including a 7-day mini course called 5 Reasons Spiritual People Struggle (and how to overcome them)—all in our free Mighty Networks community.

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Listen to Our Podcast:

“What’s the soul perspective on ______?” We’re exploring the current events that make it most difficult to find Peace and clarity. No matter what may be happening right now, or how many people are swept up in the frenzy, what’s here for you personally? Let’s get into it!

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a real-time personal connection to divinity

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intuitionOS Magazine - Winter 2022
intuitionOS Magazine - Spring 2022
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Did you know we have our very own quarterly magazine?

Featuring articles from David and Miriam, channeled docs, and more—get the latest from The Second Paradigm shipped to your door!

New issues every January, April, July, and October.

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