Keep Going, Keep Trusting, and Welcome Home!


Watch the 6-part series

on intuition as operating system.


What we call, IntuitionOS.

See why it not only works better than LogicOS, but why it's an inevitable evolution for our species.

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This channeled doc is entirely free, and covers our core Second Paradigm teachings.

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The Show, intuitionOS, and our free channeled docs are just the tip of the Second Paradigm iceberg.

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intuitive truthers

Our Intuitive Truthers Telegram is like a text thread to celebrate wins and share new perspectives that stretch us (without any worry of being "cancelled").

Our 1st Thursday Hangout is a Zoom chat about what's real and here for us with people who get it.

The Intuitive Truthers Community is $100/mo, and includes the monthly hangout, telegram chat, and everything from our Blue and Gold tiers too.

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