In 2011, David and Miriam went on a relentless quest to make sense of soul.

In 2019, they founded The Second Paradigm to help others do the same.

David and Miriam from The Second Paradigm
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The Second Paradigm is a spiritual education company for those who have gone so far along the spiritual path, they've outgrown the world they live in.



Channeled Guidance for those who are simply ahead of their time.



A group of spiritual peers who live in the subtleties at the true pace of life.



Finally, a lifestyle brand that's built to match the depths you travel.

This Intuitive Life goes somewhere—

just like you've always known it would.


At The Second Paradigm, we call that destination Eternal Peace.

We've put words to the feelings, and brought tangible landmarks to the spiritual journey.

Now, we'd love nothing more than to share that with you—to articulate exactly why you're ahead, not behind.

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The Second Paradigm Community

Jump on in!

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Explore intuitionOS with like-minded people on a relentless pursuit for Light and Truth.

Upcoming Live Events:

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A Live Show with David and Miriam
Wednesdays at 1pm Eastern
in The Free Community

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Monthly Live Channeled Transmission
Every 1st Tuesday at 1pm Eastern
Exclusively in Members

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a real-time personal connection to divinity

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intuitionOS Magazine - Winter 2022
intuitionOS Magazine - Spring 2022
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Did you know we have our very own quarterly magazine?

Featuring articles from David and Miriam, channeled docs, and more—get the latest from The Second Paradigm shipped to your door!

New issues every January, April, July, and October.

Keep Going,
Keep Trusting,
and Welcome Home.

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