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In The Second Paradigm, we're all a part of the same thing—physically, and through a larger interconnected soul architecture.

It's taking care of the whole, because we're a part of that whole.

It's the realization that a Win-Win-Win-Win is the only true way forward.

That's  the heart of The Second Paradigm perspective.

Helping the world, is helping yourself.

 How can you help the world?

From a soul perspective, you're here because this world literally prayed that an essence like yours would be its future.

Each new generation holds values that were "called in" by those before them. 


You were no different.

Your natural and effortless soul essence is what the world is asking for. It's the answer to the prayers of yesterday.



this world


The Purpose of Life is simply to become yourself in the world.



in the world

There's no 7-step ebook that can teach you to become YOU in the world.

Mental strategy just helps us become more of what already exists.

But soul?

Soul helps us become more of ourselves—choosing to embody that unique essence we're here to bring to the world.

The entire path to our truest essence is already laid out and available.

Intuition is the most powerful decision-making force available to us.

Trusting that intuitive soul-aligned path means stepping into a whole new paradigm of life and business.

In The Second Paradigm, business is just an extension of the very thing you're here to bring to this world—YOU.

This starts by Promoting Your Soul to CEO, where your soul, not mental strategy, is the core driver of the business.


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by the way,

you're so so safe.

When you follow that soul truth, you're going to inevitably hit your edges and have a bunch of raw emotion come up.

But Thoughts and Emotions alone DON'T create your reality.

You're safe to be a human being—doubts, fears, uncertainty—without destroying your life.

Trust yourself, and keep going. <3


create your reality.   




because your

about us:

Miriam Wagoner | Co-Founder

A long-time embodiment of The Second Paradigm, Miriam has never taken life at its face value—always digging deeper and asking why things "have to be" the way they are.

She's spent the last 6+ years honing her intuition and learning from teachers of meditation, sound healing, and energetics. So when she left her job in 2017 to turn her sights to coaching and mentoring, she refused from the beginning to do business in a way that didn't feel aligned and true.

That led her to a partnership with David, and the co-creation of The Second Paradigm, where she now lives as an EMBODIMENT of these teachings and uses her intuition and relentless "No" to untruths as a permission slip for others to trust themselves and their own intuitive gifts.

David Hrostoski | Co-Founder


After his channel opened in November of 2016, David dove deep into exploring the edges of his understanding of grounded spirituality and the nature of reality.

He's since channeled for dozens of groups online and in-person and brought through countless documents, audios, and videos, including the channeled text, The Ascension Manual for Planet Earth.

David's core role at The Second Paradigm is CONTEXT.


His fascination with the mechanics of reality and unending curiosity with gaps in the collective spiritual landscape had led to a wide and deep map of life on Earth and our role as souls on this planet.

We share a lot about our lives and experiences here at The Second Paradigm—but all of it is geared toward reminding you to keep following your own soul's truth.

Everything we teach is built around trusting and honing your own divine connection—breaking the cycle of having to rely on the truths of others to navigate life's circumstances.


We believe in a world where people trust themselves. Where they know that their soul's purest essence (nothing more or less) is not only a unique key for what's present for humanity's evolution—it's quite literally their soul's mission and purpose here.

We believe it's not just time to understand grounded spirituality and leadership in theory, but to also embody it. That the leaders of our near future are those who are radically being themselves and translating their soul's essence and truth into their embodiment and the reality around them.

We've made it our mission to use our gifts to unlock the gifts of others. We do this through channeled context, radical permission, and simple spiritual technologies.

Welcome to The Second Paradigm.