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We're David and Miriam, founders of The Second Paradigm.

David and Miriam from The Second Paradigm

Since we met in November of 2016, we've been working together to develop a body of work we now call The Second Paradigm.

But our own personal journeys started earlier—in 2011.

David's mom passed away a week after his high school graduation. After graduating at the top of his class, with a full ride to college, the thought of landing a cushy corporate job lost its meaning and purpose, overnight.

Around the same time, Miriam's mom had a stroke. As the highest paid grocery manager in her state, everything she'd accomplished through her many tireless 70-hour workweeks suddenly felt hollow.

On opposite sides of the country, at almost the same time, we were thinking the same thing: "There has to be more to life than this."

A few years later, we bet everything on that idea. 

David dropped out of college with 19 units left in his Business Management degree, and Miriam left her career (and benefits) behind. We had no guarantees and no real safety net—all we had was that nebulous feeling we couldn't shake no matter how hard we tried.

In 2015, just a few months apart, we both moved to California to live in a spiritual community—and, unknown to us at the time, to find each other and The Second Paradigm.

intuition is the most powerful decision making force in existence.

This work started with a simple idea:

Our intuition isn't just a fleeting feeling—it's something more.

Trusting that always feels like a "bet," at first. We can't really know for sure if we're right, and much of the world would disagree.

But, as we quickly discovered ourselves and have since watched others discover too, intuition is trustworthy.

As time goes on, it only becomes more and more undeniable:

Intuition is the most powerful decision making force in existence.

When you learn to trust yourself and your intuition, life is no longer a series of obligations and hollow desires—it's a profound journey of self discovery and fulfillment.

peace is the pathway to inner clarity.

In March of 2020, David stayed up through the night to write a channeled document called, "The True Power of Peace."

The very next morning, the world erupted into a frenzy. The "14 days to flatten the curve" came later that week, and a whole new leg of our work began.

It started to become obvious just how irrational biology can be under stress. We all know what it's like to make decisions when we're down in the dumps—ideally, we don't. But, frankly, excitement can be just as derailing.

Peace is a neutral space where our emotions aren't modifying our rational thinking or our intuitive access.

Since 2020, it's only become more and more obvious how important that Peace truly is.

Learning to consistently access Peace is a necessary foundation for intuitive life. It's the place where we're truly clear, and truly impenetrable.

you're simply ahead of your time.

Chances are, you're only here on our website because you already value your intuition.

That makes you different.

Perhaps more than most, we understand what it's like to be genuinely different and to take unpopular stances. We've lost business, friends, and even family over that difference.

Your intuition will lead you in directions that the logic of others simply cannot reconcile.

But that difference doesn't make you weird, wrong, or crazy.

You're simply ahead of your time.

To those who trust their intuition to any degree in this early phase of our collective history, we call you "The Cutting Edge."

One, to acknowledge that difference. Two, to acknowledge just how important that difference truly is.

Building a real-time personal connection with your own soul and divinity, impenetrable to your biological ups and downs, and to the world around you?

Yes, that's different. But it's also deeply significant.

we're not your typical spiritual education company.

At The Second Paradigm, we help The Cutting Edge dive deep into the subtleties of their intuitive experience.

Sometimes, that includes calling out terrible spiritual ideas that cause more harm than good.

Things like manifestation, thought and belief work, medicine journeys, astral travel, and more—we see them as entirely irrelevant, and often directly harmful.

Instead of recycling old spiritual concepts, we went to the drawing board and worked from our actual experience. We worked with a handful of people who made their own "bets" on intuition, and we developed a comprehensive map of the spiritual experience—real-time, as we walked it ourselves.

You won't find these teachings anywhere else, because we've dedicated our lives to creating an entirely new framework and language for spirituality.

Where so many self-help and spiritual ideas have us imagine a distant utopia and figure out what we can do to get there, we work from a philosophy of embracing what's already happening.

This journey all starts with that simple and familiar idea:

"There has to be more to life than this."

Despite the fears and uncertainty, that path truly goes somewhere.

We call it Eternal Peace—a fortified intuitive connection that's undeniable, unshakable, and continually supportive of exactly what's here in front of us.

After walking this path into the unknown for over a decade now, we finally found what we were looking for.

Now, it's our continual honor to help others do the same.


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