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7 Week Course

Starts January 16th

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How to Live the

Intuitive Lifestyle +

Finally  Fucking Trust Yourself

Happy New Year, y'all!

With the collective leaping head-first into frenzied goal setting this month, we couldn't think of a better time to introduce our new flagship course:

A Course Worth Taking

With all we've said about trusting yourself and finding the answers within, it may seem odd to see a course from us at all.

What could we possibly teach that isn't already within you?

Well, at The Second Paradigm, we really only have one job.

We're here to help speed up the process so you can have as much time as YOU on this planet as possible.

After all, the faster and smoother we can arrive as the fullest embodiment of our soul, the more time we have left to do what we came here to do.

That's why we're taking 7 weeks starting January 16th, to help clarify everything that's here for you in this phase of life, and to run through the intuitive lifestyle from top to bottom.

Perhaps more than anything, especially in a group or 1-on-1 setting, we get to help amplify the inner whisper, and turn down the volume on everything else.

If you're feeling like it's time, more than ever, to clarify your inner knowing and finally fucking trust yourself, we made this just for you.

A Course Worth Taking - White.png

The Intuitive Lifestyle in 7 Weeks:

1. Stop Acting on Manic Impulses. It's Not You.


Maybe more than anything, divinity is trying to show us through lived experience that life is far less urgent than we think.


If we're ever going to make truly aligned decisions in our life, we have to first stop making poor ones. This week is all about understanding our emotional experience and learning to make better (and truer) decisions.

2. Not All Thoughts Are Created Equal.


There's a reason why our inner world gets so confusing at times, and it's not because we're "broken." It's because not every thought we have is ours to begin with.

This week, we're exploring body vs. soul. When we learn to categorize our inner world, it becomes far easier to trust ourselves.

3. "This is Just How We Do Things Here."


There's few sentences that fire up an intuitive more than this one—because "how we do things here" often sucks.

Even beyond our own body's conflict with our soul, we're bound to bump up against these societal rulesets. Learning to understand the emotional pressure we face on a daily basis is the next best step to clarifying our inner world.

4. Darkness is Real, but You're Not Dark.


How in the world did we get in this mess? Even own bodies reject our soul truth, and society only reinforces that soulless path.

Well, this is where the reality of darkness becomes undeniable. It's all too clear to see. This week, we're going to offer some frameworks to understand this darkness—and help you to see why you, yourself, aren't nearly as "dark" as you think.

5. Your Intuition is the Voice of God.


This is a very rare perspective, but it's the only way that reality truly makes sense to us. We'll share exactly how we see divinity, explore the structure of God, and help put all of the ups and downs of life in perspective.


The truth is, you have far more backing you than you think. When you see the bigger picture, life gets real simple, real quick.

6. Life is Simpler Than You Think.


By now, we'll have called out so much of the inner noise, that it'll start to be much clearer what the "truth" actually is within you.

This week is about "What's Here," and how truly simple life gets to be. This is how we're able to have divinity plan and structure our life, business, and future—ideally, with very little effort on "the ground floor."

7. When You're in Your Shit.


In our final week, we'll explore what to do when you face challenges moving forward. You're going to feel like a failure. You're going to feel lazy. You're going to feel overwhelmed. You're going to feel unsafe and insecure at times. These emotional lows are inevitable.

What isn't inevitable is having those lows control your life. It's possible to stay tethered to your Peace—yes, even when you're in your shit.

From start to finish, this course is designed to prepare you for every last moment of the intuitive lifestyle.

In the end, you'll understand how to navigate your circumstances, hand-in-hand with divinity, for the rest of your life.

A Course Worth Taking - White.png

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