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Second Paradigm Business is just an extension of this larger lifestyle.

Still, business is one of the most compartmentalized aspects of life—and often the furthest from soul truth and alignment.

At The Second Paradigm, we very directly call out manipulative marketing practices and mindlessly adopting the strategies of others to create a soul-driven business.

But we're not without an alternative.

This is Soul-Aligned Business in The Second Paradigm.

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  •  Exploring the principles of a soul-aligned business

  • What it looks like to be a Leader of The Second Paradigm

  • Unwinding odd assumptions and logic of the industry

  • Offering a clear alternative forward 

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"Modern marketing is all about manipulating the body.

It bypasses soul truth entirely to create instinctual and emotional buying decisions.

But as the world moves from making decisions primarily with their bodies, into a soul-run lifestyle, these practices simply won't work anymore.

You can't emotionally manipulate soul.

So this isn't just about doing something that 'feels better' or 'has more integrity.' This is spotting a trend as big as (if not bigger than) email marketing, online courses, or social media.

This is the future of business in an awakening world."

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