How to Promote Your

Soul to CEO


Our flagship 7-week course designed to experientially show you how to use intuition and soul guidance to run your business.

How to Promote Your Soul to CEO

How to Promote Your Soul to CEO is our flagship 7-week course designed to experientially show you how to use intuition and soul guidance to run your business.

Spiritual entrepreneurs are being torn in every direction right now—complex strategies, funnels, Facebook ads, high-ticket sales, even spiritual strategies like manifestation.

What if it wasn’t about any of that?

We believe your soul is already presenting you with your next step forward, and it already has the ideal solution mapped out for you.


In that, all we truly have to do is lean (even more deeply) into what’s here.

We've seen it work in our own lives, in our Mastermind, and in our previous two live rounds of this course.

Soul makes sense, and it works. It’s precise, and always stands true.

When you have permission to let your soul run the show, you get to see how guided and held you already are.

You realize that you already know what to do. It’s all here for you.

And yes, it really gets to be that easy.

David Hrostoski

Miriam wagoner

Channel for B

Queen of Truth



Hey there! We’re David and Miriam, Co-Founders of The Second Paradigm.

We’re excited to be able to present the most polished and pristine round of this course yet. This will be the third time we’re running this course, and the final live round before we transition these teachings into an evergreen product.

It’s quite honestly one of the greatest things we’ve ever created, and something we’re deeply excited to have the opportunity to teach this one last time. <3

We See A Lot Shifting Out There For Spiritual Entrepreneurs:

1) Awareness:

  • The more you learn from “experts,” the more you realize the strategies and tactics just aren’t aligned with your personal values and what you want to create in the world.

2) Transition

  • You start to feel your current money-makers and business structures lose energy.

  • So you ask for guidance and look for new opportunities that feel better, where that soul energy can come flooding back (but don’t always get a clear answer).

  • This is a really uncertain space. Some question everything here: “Am I crazy?”

3) A BIG Calling

  • Getting soul visions that feel way too impractical and large, and not knowing what to do with them or how to create something so big and new.

How to Promote Your Soul to CEO is for entrepreneurs who can't do the same old thing in business.

Not because you're stuck, or can't make it work—you’re not and you could—it's moreso that your soul is calling you into something else entirely and it’s not just what everyone else is doing.

That calling to something new can feel impossibly big, entirely unreachable, or even unrealistic.

We get it. We're here to remind you it's far from impossible—it's inevitable.

What you're seeing is literally YOU—in your purest and truest expression.

So we've designed this course to help with that:

1) Lay a spiritual Context so all that new Awareness makes sense.

  • It’s how those new realities come in, from vision to physical experience.

  • What you’re doing here as a soul—what your life’s mission and purpose is.

  • How your business, fame, and wealth can (and will) help this world.

2) How to Transition with Ease

  • We show you why your present reality (and that confronting discomfort) is here, and what to do about it.

  • How your soul can walk you through this transition quicker and smoother.

3) Making sure that ”guidance" is actually from your soul.

  • Teach you how to navigate this new landscape—"etheric reality"—so you can have consistent access to your own truth and Light (and cut out the noise).

  • This is like turning on a Soul GPS to guide you through every step of your life and business (quite literally for the rest of your life).

4) Permission to be different and to know you're not wrong for it.

  • What’s it like to be in a community of other people all going through the same thing? It boggles our minds how overlapped all of our journeys are in this container. That permission to be you (and not drive forward at the speed of burnout) is huge. In itself, it speeds up the journey.

  • Here, you get to know and have tangible proof that you’re not crazy, delusional, overzealous, naive, undereducated, or unworthy of what’s coming. Not even close. You’re on the cutting edge. <3

So you know, here's what we're NOT doing here:

1) Limiting belief work.

  • Because thoughts don't create our reality. We'll teach you what does create reality and how to create everything you’re meant to bring to the planet.

2) Tell you that you're wrong or need our new way to move forward.

  • In all likelihood, you're already spot on—just bombarded by untrue expectations and context from others.

  • So we're here to help you to dial into your own soul path, not to adopt our “time-tested system for success.” That stuff is flimsy in comparison to consistent access to soul truth.

3) Teach you how to channel beings.

  • Channeling beings isn't a great place to start this journey. We know it’s exciting, but 99% of people just open themselves to tricky and unhelpful beings and energies.

  • What we teach instead is how to get in contact with your Oversoul and your own souls’ essence. It's 1000% more stable, safe, and practically useful.

  • (If channeling is really up for you, laying this foundation of Oversoul eliminates 99% of the sticky challenges of the phenomenon—ungroundedness, burnout, energetic fatigue, etc.—and it'll get to happen really organically!

4) Give you a template business strategy, sales script, or sales funnel.

  • We’re here to help you disconnect from the noise and “have-to’s,” not to give you more!

  • Instead of the latest business trend that works for a season, we’re teaching a paradigm and toolkit that works for life.

  • Let's just teach you to fish, shall we? :)

Fall 2019

Course Details:

What's Included:


  • Seven 90m Zoom Video Calls:
    Every Tuesday at 4pm Pacific


  • Facebook Group:
    For Discussion and Content Access


  • 3 Live Channelings:
    Weeks 1, 3, and 7


Let’s get into the details!

Our first live call starts on September 10th, 2019. These Live Zoom Calls will be every Tuesday at 4pm PST for 7 weeks.

Live Channelings with B are marked with a * below:

Orientation Week *

After a quick intro to the course, The Second Paradigm, and Second Paradigm Business, we're diving right in! We'll start by checking in to see what's most present for everyone and introduce some core concepts. We'll start with the foundation of The Second Paradigm: Intuition and Trusting Yourself. We'll talk about why it works, how connected you already are, and how to consciously access that intuitive space on-demand. We'll end with a Channeled Message from David's soul counterpart, B, to welcome you into the container and lay some spiritual context for what's to come.

"The Feed"

This is a big etheric education week! "What energetics are you pulling from habitually?" We'll teach you to differentiate between energies, tap into your Oversoul, and work with the intelligences of your business, your programs, and your art. When you know the difference between YOUR feed and others, you can always find your truth, even in the most confusing landscapes.

Seeing Through the Industry *

When you choose something new, often, internal voices come up—other people's voices. This week is about creating freedom from your past and the business "have-to's" that simply aren't aligned or necessary. We'll have a channeled experience from B to help release you from the larger industry, past mentors, and other hooky energies that are pulling you into false necessity and doubt—and to help you settle into your purest intuitive connection in all that new space. The End Goal: having consistent access to your own truth, without 10 other voices pulling you in every other direction.

Your Evolutionary Edge

Where the week before was more of an EXTERNAL cleanse, this is an INTERNAL cleanse. It's coming right up against your own personal evolutionary edge. You'll be moving forward, fast. As you do, your shit is going to come up. It happens to literally everybody. This week is about navigating and understanding why it's there and what to do about it.

Trajectories: Finding Your North Star

What do you do when you're tapped into your own intuition, and free from the larger collective and societal distractions and demands? You start to see where you're really going, and who you're really here to be. You end up rewriting the script for what life is, and where your life is going—this time, from a soul perspective—YOUR soul's perspective. We'll talk about that big trajectory and dialing into the versions of your life, business, and your own embodiment that are on the horizon (and the only thing in between you and all that's coming).

"What's Here?"

This is a week about presence. When everything is landed, and your soul's trajectory is set, all the work moves to the present. This question, "What's here?" is the core driving force in Second Paradigm life. We'll talk about how to use that question and all the previous context to walk forward with your soul sitting at the heart of your life and business.

Putting It All Together *

This is where we make sure everyone is solid and ready to live in this space sustainably, for life. We'll recap, and speak into what's present for everyone in the group. There's an inherent flexibility in the course and we'll be reworking this schedule as we go, to match the group, with this week giving us space to run back to important points to fill out the whole picture. We'll end with a Final Closing Transmission from B to send you on your way with massive higher support and clarity. You made it!

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In short, this course is an opportunity to experientially learn what business can look like when soul runs the show.

It’s not just trying to find our place in the world by saying "no" to the unaligned aspects of business—but genuinely paving a new path forward.

Saying "yes!" to something entirely new.

Boldly claiming our spiritual truth and stepping fully into the lives we came here to live.

Because it's not only possible to run a business through that soul truth: it's the inevitable way forward in this ever-awakening world.

It's becoming more and more clear: intuition and soul truth work better than the best of what strategy alone has to offer.

Those countless high-ticket programs to teach us the latest strategies—they’ve gotten us nowhere.

And it’s not because we’re broken.

It’s because we were never broken to begin with.

Soul speaks truth, and truth is one of the most powerful forces coming alive in business today.

That's our perspective in this course, and the core of The Second Paradigm.

If you're resonating, feeling the truth here, and are fired up about diving head first into intuitive and soul-aligned business, it would be our honor to have you join us in promoting our souls to CEO this Tuesday, September 10th, and to be able to guide and support you along this journey.

So much love to you,

David and Miriam


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David Hrostoski and Miriam Wagoner - Wid


Every 2 Weeks x 20 Payments


One time payment

David Hrostoski and Miriam Wagoner - Wid