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Since opening the doors to The Second Paradigm with our mastermind, flagship business course, podcast, and handful of channeled documents, there's one thing we've been left consistently craving.

It's a community that's actively following this work and activating right alongside us every step of the way.

It's the men and women who wake up every day wanting to tune into greater levels of soul truth.

It's the spearhead of this larger collective—those who are unwilling to do things the same old way, and are actively paving a new way forward into this new soul-centered paradigm.

This is it.

Quite literally, we're calling in The Second Paradigm Collective—those walking this path with us here in The Second Paradigm.

It's a whole new way of being that trusts and prioritizes that soul truth over everything else.

And there are enough of us out here that we might as well come together, stand proud, and move forward together.

This is tangible proof in all of our lives that there are others out there walking this exact same path. We're sharing stories, wins, and lessons. We're living life in The Second Paradigm together.

But this isn't just community.


This is also an activation container.

The channeled messages that come through are an "outside perspective" on life here on Earth. They help to nudge us in the direction of our soul's truth, and away from huge detours and unnecessary challenges.

We're not just coming together in The Second Paradigm Collective—we're actively moving forward and pressing into the edges of what highly-attuned, spiritual human beings are capable of being and creating.

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