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Is this The Last Course You'll Ever take?

It's our intention with this course to end the cycle of needing endless personal development courses to get to the next step in life.

Bold claim?

Maybe, but it's not unfounded.

One of the core outcomes of this lifestyle course is to leave fully trusting yourself and your intuitive gifts.

When you fully trust yourself, and you have a finely tuned intuitive guidance system, you don't need to go searching for the next step.


You simply ask, and move forward.

Fulfill Your Soul's Mission by Becoming Yourself

Spiritual awareness brings with it a deep wisdom and truth:

"To live my best life in service to the world doesn't require me to get involved with every well-meaning movement. It just requires me to become myself—truly and fully."

We came to this planet with a very clear agenda, and that soul mission is actually really simple: fully embody our soul's truest essence, and bring that new and unique essence to the world.

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Here's how we do this:

This course is designed to turn on your internal guidance system, and get you to a place where you not only trust and understand it, but can fully step into this faster, easier way of living.

To teach that, we've had to go about structuring this course slightly differently.


We start each month with a channeled message to land a potent new energetic. We then use the following two weeks to fully unpack the concepts and integrate the way of being, and take an integration week to let things settle.


These three waves of energetics and teachings help to take you by the hand and walk you into an embodiment of life in The Second Paradigm.

Month 1:

laying the foundation



We're starting with a broad overview of the course, with a channeled transmission from B to open up the container.


Your Intuitive Guidance System

This week is about "pluggin in:" accessing the Oversoul, finding an outlet, and translating raw energy into relevant truth.

The Map of Reality

This is a big context week. We'll be speaking to The Map of Reality from B, and thoroughly unpacking what it means to view and live life in The Second Paradigm.


Integration Week

Month 2:

life in the second paradigm


Choosing Your Trajectory

We're talking timelines and why saying yes to the big soul visions is vital to this path. We close with a message from B.

Following the Energy

We'll be differentiating between your body and soul this week, and unpacking exactly what it means to "follow the energy."

Navigating Subtle Nuances

This is an entirely new way of perceiving reality creation. This week is to put it all together and help refine the understanding of exactly how to use this Soul GPS system.

Integration Week

Month 3:

refine the embodiment


Channeled Teaching with Q+A

This is a longer channeled message, tailored to what's most present for the course, and live Q&A with B.


Staying Grounded

Being here is everything. We'll be breaking down "compartments," to make space for a clearer view of reality.

When the World Pushes Back

Closing out, we'll talk about the pushback that comes from embodying a new energetic, and officially close the container with a message from B.

Integration Week

Class of 2019 details:

What's Included:


  • (9) 90m Zoom calls every Tuesday at 4pm Pacific


  • (4) Live Channeled Teachings with B


  • An exclusive Facebook Group for community discussion and celebration



BONUS: 3 Month Access to The Second Paradigm Collective—our membership community, at no extra charge.

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$2997 Paid-In-Full

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(16) Bi-Weekly Payments of $197

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