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The Second Paradigm is a spiritual education company that specializes in intuition and making sense of the spiritual journey.

We live in a hyper-cognitive world that denies the existence of God because few spiritual concepts actually make sense. We're here to change that.

This body of work is an entirely unique, comprehensive spiritual framework that gives spirituality a tangible destination and brings intuition back to the forefront of lifestyle and decision making.

David and Miriam from The Second Paradigm
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the second paradigm magazine

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A Quarterly Magazine Built for Intuitives.

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the second paradigm community

A free intuitive education

Get instant access to intuitionOS University in our free Mighty Networks community!


  • Learn to unlock your intuition, trust yourself, and live with peace in your heart.

  • Includes a Free 7-Day Mini Course: 5 Reasons Spiritual People Struggle (and how to overcome them) 

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Special Reports
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We're talking about current events and common topics from an uncommon perspective. Is it possible to find Peace and clarity, even when the world spins into chaos?

“What’s the soul perspective on ______?” Search "The Soul Perspective" on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and a handful of other platforms to find out.

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