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Main Glossary

The Second Paradigm

On the surface, The Second Paradigm is about trusting your intuitive knowing and becoming yourself in the world.
But explore a little deeper, and it's a fully functioning worldview and way of being that so many spiritual practitioners are finding themselves being led toward and into by their own inner knowing. It's just that: a paradigm.
The term first came from our Tulum channel night in October of 2018 where B taught on what he called "The Two Paradigms."
In recent years, we've been seeing a lot of "New Paradigm" spirituality and leadership pushing off of the business practices of the coaching world. It's pointing toward Light and spiritual truth, but it can also be a bit nebulous and undefined.
So at this channel night in Tulum, B defined the distinction between The First and Second Paradigms.
First, you have what most people believe today. The world is here by chance, everything is physical, and after you're born into this world, you're fairly on your own to figure out what life is and how to get what you want from it. Your life is your responsibility, and a high quality plan and education is what will make you a success.
On the other hand, you have The Second Paradigm. The distinction (surprisingly) wasn't about meditation practices, compassion, spiritual knowledge, liberal values, futurist thinking, or even leadership.
The difference between The First and Second Paradigms was in how you decide to take care of yourself.
That's it.
Do you take from the world (the larger whole) around you? Or do you support the world around you, knowing that you're actually a part of that larger thing?
That little difference holds a huge web of perspectives. It's an entirely different paradigm and way of perceiving and relating to the world.
The Second Paradigm is about supporting the whole and working with it, to take care of yourself. You realize that "we're all in this together," and that realization fundamentally changes you.
Intuition, Soul, and Purpose play huge roles in The Second Paradigm. Because, ultimately, it's not just about working with the whole of Earth, but the whole of existence.

This isn’t a government collective-first ideology. In practice, it’s almost the exact opposite. It’s actively working with divinity to bring your purest essence into the world.

By becoming more of YOU, you bring the most valuable thing you could ever bring to the world—what your soul came here to bring in the first place.

It’s the “ultimate win-win of divinity.”
When you realize you're a part of something larger and decide to work with it for the benefit of the whole itself, everything changes.

Then, when you realize that the greatest benefit to that whole is to bring your own unique soul essence into the world, you start actively living The Second Paradigm.
The “Soul Guided Win-Win.”

This is the core of The Second Paradigm and what every other piece of the teachings and body of work points toward and helps to do.

Oversoul and The Soul Architecture

Your Oversoul is your “neighborhood in divinity.” It’s the unit of consciousness just above the soul, that connects us to the rest of the larger Soul Architecture.
Imagine your soul is the center circle in this seed of life image: If you’re that center circle, your Oversoul is that entire image. It’s a collective consciousness that your own individual soul is a piece of.
The Oversoul works with other Oversouls to help orchestrate reality. It’s the main source of synchronicity, and it helps to sequence our individual life paths.
Everyone on the planet has their own Oversoul, unique to their soul's specific values, and they share that Oversoul unit with other beings that often live their lives in very different realities outside of Earth.
When we’re “following the energy,” this is the unit of consciousness that’s laying the path we’re walking on.
When we’re drawn to people, places, or things, it’s often our Oversoul that’s nudging us in that direction.
Those “divinely inspired connections” are orchestrated by the Oversouls of the people being connected—energizing a unique opportunity for mutual support and benefit.
The Oversoul is one of many pieces of the larger “Soul Architecture.” The Soul Architecture is the structure of divinity. It’s where conflicting ideas like “God above” and “unity consciousness” come together as the same thing.
Using the seed of life example, All-That-Is can be seen as a huge interconnected sea of circles (where we’re all the same and equal). It can also be seen as “going up” to larger collectives of consciousness (bigger and bigger circles).
If you follow those circles all the way up and out, you find yourself at All-That-Is, God, Source, Universe, etc. But look at its pieces, and we’re all a part of the same thing—droplets in the ocean.
From Soul, to Oversoul, to larger units of consciousness, and out to “God“—each unit has its own individual working consciousness and plays different roles in existence.
The Oversoul, for example, plays that role of orchestrating reality for its individuated aspects. It’s “conscious,” in itself, and is also a collective of other conscious souls. “I call in my Oversoul” is a invocation we teach a lot at The Second Paradigm. It’s a direct invitation for that larger unit of consciousness you’re a piece of to interact with you.
There’s energetic activations and insights that become available in that connection. It’s like being able to speak directly to the source of your intuitive knowing and asking, “Got any advice?”
A close and continual relationship with the Oversoul is very possible, and has clear benefits.

The Orchestration

“The Orchestration“ is short for “The Oversoul Orchestration.”
As mentioned above in "Oversoul and The Soul Architecture," the Oversoul works with other Oversouls to help orchestrate reality.
This is that orchestration.
The Orchestration is the “clockwork-like nature of reality.” It’s why the twists and turns of life with even the tiniest probabilities play out so unexpectedly (and perfectly).
The Oversoul is constantly scanning the probabilities ahead and identifying which future possibilities are for the benefit of all of existence.
When your Oversoul, working with other Oversouls, finds something that‘s for the benefit of everyone involved, it highly energizes that reality. Meaning, it energizes the probabilities and makes it more likely to happen.
When attuned to the subtle energy of life, this Orchestration can be felt in those subtle intuitive nudges that may seem illogical, but regardless, feel unusually right and true.
The Orchestration is the constant effort from divinity to nudge every person on this planet toward the things, ideas, people, etc., that are most beneficial for them.
So the life paths that lead to our full soul embodiment and radiance are highly energized (making them far more likely to happen).
This is happening for everyone, everywhere, regardless of how conscious we may be to it. But as we start to tune into the subtleties of life and this larger Orchestration, we learn to work with it.
That’s where these subtle nudges go from taking months or years to impact our lives, down to weeks or days. We work with divinity, real-time, to navigate our circumstances and move toward our fullest embodiments of our own soul essence.

The Cutting Edge

This term is from the 8/8/19 channel night, "Tradition, Culture, and The Cutting Edge" and it’s since worked its way into our regular vocabulary.

The Cutting Edge is just that—the portion of the population whose soul values compel them to push the edges of uncertainty and truth.

Tradition focuses on preserving what works and avoiding destabilization from changing too quickly.

Culture focuses on updating Tradition and avoiding stagnation or corruption.

The Cutting Edge focuses on what’s next and informing Culture.

From a soul perspective, this is a spiritual phenomenon, despite how it’s seen by the person pressing those edges.

Here’s some on The Cutting Edge from The True Power of Peace channeled doc:
“From a soul perspective, this is the ‘Light Delivery Mechanism’ of your collective.
Soul Truth is the source of all major inspiration and progress. Without soul, there’d be little to no change to biology or the development of your species outside of playing out and optimizing for basic survival mechanisms.

Many of the major philosophies that define your civilization are a result of what you could call ‘outside inspiration.’

But this isn’t just a process of ‘ghosts and angels’ whispering trademark ideas to the brightest minds of an era. The implementation of soul into a physical evolution happens more slowly, through time.

For the large majority of your history, The Cutting Edge has been the major source of Light on your planet.

New ideas, new inspiration, come through this larger network of divinity that we all are a piece of, and the most intuitively liberated pocket of your collective allow that inspiration to fundamentally change who they are and what they believe.

That inspiration slowly works its way into the larger Culture, where that truth is adapted to the systems that already exist and slowly worked into Tradition—often through grueling debates, protest, and persistent fights for revolution.

When we zoom out and see the full picture, these dynamics are clear. But on the ground floor, in the midst of that slow implementation of Light through a largely unconscious process, it’s far less obvious what’s truly happening.”

Body vs. Soul

Body vs. Soul is one of our primary teachings at The Second Paradigm.
We use this model a lot in concepts like, “Your body won’t know until you get there,” and we spend a lot of time with people differentiating between genuine soul truths and bodily programming.
Our body is full of our evolutionary history, and our cultural upbringing. Our soul isn’t. Our soul is tapped into that larger Soul Architecture where it has access to the larger Orchestration and what’s absolutely ideal in the present circumstances.
This idea of seeing ourselves as two distinct forces in conflict comes from one of B’s very first teachings, “The Trifecta.” The Trifecta represents the three core pieces of what makes us a human being: Body, Soul, and Ego.
The Body is our physical vessel, but also a reflection of our genetic and cultural programming. It takes in information through its five senses and learns through experience.
The Soul is the piece of us that’s connected to the larger network of divinity. It holds our unique values that were a perfect fit for this current phase of Earth’s history.
The Ego is a piece of the biology (brain), but it’s the piece of us that says, “I.” This piece of our body is constantly putting together a single identity, from these two very conflicting aspects of self.
Understanding and beginning to differentiate between these aspects of self is one of the most effective ways to develop a clean and precise intuitive knowing.
When we know the difference between Soul and our body’s core programming, we can start making more and more decisions from our own soul’s essence, with our access to the wisdom and knowing of divinity.

Other Concepts

"What's Here?"

“What’s here” is the single most important thing present on the path to becoming yourself in the world.
But it’s not something you have to “figure out.”
“What’s here?” is a question to the Oversoul (to divinity), not a question to our cognitive maps of what needs to happen next—and it’s a question that always has an answer.
Living life in The Second Paradigm is about doing “what’s here” and letting that be informed by the Oversoul and your truest soul essence.
The Body will have a hundred different things it thinks it has to do in order to be safe and to get what it wants—but that to-do list will always be counterproductive. It takes you in the exact opposite direction of where your soul has set out to go (and further away from a soul-aligned life).
The Oversoul Orchestration is about bringing us the most important thing here.
Sometimes, what’s here is “nothing,” which in itself is confronting. In those moments where there’s “nothing here,” it’s about breaking the body’s ideas of what has to happen (because it doesn’t actually).
In the moments where “What’s here” is a very specific action, it’s about actively working with divinity to create a soul-driven reality for ourselves.
“What’s here” is a question that points to a fine-tuned way of being that let’s Soul run the show.

Follow the Energy

Following the Energy is really similar to “What’s here?”
The Energy of that Oversoul Orchestration is always nudging us in the direction of what’s genuinely best for us.
When the energy (what’s here) is nudging us in a specific direction, we have a clear choice, every time:
Do I listen to that energetic nudge from divinity? Or do I choose to do what “I have to do” or “should do” instead?
When we listen to our body, we create more of a body-heavy blend (internally and represented in our reality).

When we listen to our soul, we create more of a soul-heavy blend.

This is how we change our very being and “land our essence into our body.”
Following the Energy is following our own truest soul essence and letting everything else fall off. Because, ultimately, it was never us to begin with.

Soul-Heavy Blend

The Soul-Heavy Blend is an internal world where Soul is running the show.
It’s not about feeling a certain way all the time, or never having negative thoughts or emotions. Because, in the end, it’s our choices that create.
Even when you’re confronted, have fears, doubts, insecurities, or want to quickly scramble out of uncertainty, if your soul is just 51% of the internal show? It “wins” the internal conflict, and you choose as the soul.
A Soul-Heavy Blend is where your intuition and soul have (at least) 51% of the decision making power in your being.
By that time, you’re already making the large majority of your decisions from your knowing and soul truth.
Living life as a Soul-Heavy Blend is following the energy, dialing into what’s really here, and being guided by the larger Oversoul Orchestration.
Over time, your life becomes more and more representative of who you truly are as the Soul. You start living the life you came here to live, being what you came here to be, and doing what you came here to do.
It’s the first half of “the purpose of life” which is to bring your truest soul essence, first, into your body, and then to radiate it out into the world.

Peace and Self Love

Peace and Self Love are two of the most powerful tools we have available to navigate life as the soul.
Where other modalities and methodologies focus on following your joy, following a clear long-term plan, or something else entirely, at The Second Paradigm, these are the core tools we use to help support becoming and living life as a soul-heavy blend. Peace: the greatest gift you have to offer to the world, and the vehicle for clear intuitive guidance and soul embodiment.
“Peace can never be feigned or forced,“ but when you’re in genuine Peace, your body’s core evolutionary desires are softened and in their place, there’s more room for Soul to speak within you.
More on Peace: Self Love: the process of nurturing your body through it’s uncertainty.
That nurturing requires very little change to yourself, your routine, or your circumstances.

Ultimately, Self Love has nothing to do with change at all. It's the internal recognition and reminder that everything is already exactly as it should be. In practice, Peace is about creating room for the intuitive knowing to land, and Self Love is the practice of nurturing our body through its inevitable desire to do something else entirely.

Peace and Self Love go hand-in-hand, while we actively follow the energy and prioritize what’s truly here.

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