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Miriam has been really driving our personal health kick and following a bunch of truther accounts which all independently point to many of the same health products.

Out of everything we’ve seen and tried, these are the products we're personally using and recommend.

You'll notice a trend here: detox, supplementing vitamins and minerals we rarely get in the modern world...and more detox.

Using these links will give us a little kickback, but don’t feel obligated to buy from these links if you find a brand or product you resonate with more. 

As with everything else, trust yourself and trust the timing!

Essential Oils + Natural Cleaning Products (YoungLiving)

For us, this health journey started with switching out toxic products. It was stopping the intake of heavy metals and unhealthy additives first, before even worrying about detox or supplementation. That included more organic food choices, but also our every day cleaning/hygiene products. As we've been slowly switching everything over to non-toxic alternatives, a lot of that has come from YoungLiving—toothpaste, surface cleaner, deodorant, laundry detergent, hand soap, dish soap, etc. This is a great hub for lots of those products, and starting in May of 2021, they're opening up the store for one-time purchases outside of any sort of membership or enrollment—which makes getting what you're looking for and trying out products out even easier.


Heavy Metal Detox (TRS by Coseva)

We started taking TRS in September 2020 to offset the heavy metals in everything—air, food, household products, etc.

TRS is a spray with clinoptilolites/zeolites which bind to heavy metals and then get peed out.
If you end up taking this, start slow at one spray a day, then add a spray or so each week. The recommended full daily dose is one spray per 30lbs of body weight. As always, trust your intuiton on whether or not it's for you, and for the timing. We always know. :) 🔗 If you're like David and want some of the data and science behind it, here's some research David compiled when vetting the product for himself: TRS by Coseva vs. Other Zeolites TRS is a lab grown clinoptilolite. Compared to other naturally forming zeolites, TRS has the exact same composition, but without the environmental contamination. Many naturally occurring zeolite powders are either contaminated or have structural damage from the purification process (through acid wash, sound, and other methods). And of course they do. They're attracted to heavy metals, not just in our bodies, but in nature too. Doing the same thing nature does, but in a clean lab, means getting a more pure product. The only real downside is cost. It's cheaper to mine and clean the product, than to make it from scratch. TRS is prioritizing purity over cheap quantity. But that doesn't mean it's less effective. To make it more effective at lower quantities than other (contaminated) alternatives, they break it down into "nano particles" to increase the surface area. It's only the surface of these particles that attract heavy metals. So instead of having a few huge beach balls moving through your system with all this wasted material inside each chunk, it's like having a bunch of smaller ping pong balls. Smaller chunks mean way more surface area to attract and cleanse out the heavy metals. TRS priotizies purity over cheap quantity, and makes up for that quanity by using smaller "nano particles" to create more cleansing surface area. What's It Made Of? It's an aluminosilicate. Not just the lab version, but the natural one too, is built from aluminum, silicon, and oxygen. That sounds a bit odd for a detox product, but it's actually the alimunum that makes this silicon-based structure have the negative charge it does. Bentonite clay is very similar (silicon + aluminum), just a different structure. But because of the strong chemical bonds holding together its structure, the structure isn't breaking down in the body and leaving aluminum behind. With a high enough ratio of silica to alumina (between 3:1 and 5:1), normal pH levels in the body are unable to break down the chemical bonds, so there’s no risk of free floating aluminum being left in the body. Zeolites have even been shown in studies to extract aluminum (which has a positive charge). So even though it's a bit odd that there's aluminum in this (and in other aluminosilicates like bentonite clay), there’s actually a net negative effect on the amount of aluminum in the body from TRS. And of course, other heavy metals are being pulled out in the process too. Does it Pull Out the Good Stuff Too? No. There are other positively charged ions that body needs and uses (iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc). From what I understand, the body converts what it uses to other nonionized forms for transit. So the vitamins and minerals in the body aren’t attracted to the clinoptilolites, only what ions may remain in excess of what the body is using. Clinoptilolites (TRS) pulls all the positively charged ions the body can't use (mercury, ammonia, barium, lithium, aluminum, etc.), and can't access what the body is already using, because the body is already using it! This is a slow gradual process that takes place over time, as the clinoptilolites move through the body clearing out the most positively charged ions first and working its way through the lesser charged ions that the body has no other use for. Looking at some other heavy metal detox products, the detox is intense—vomiting, diharrea, etc. Our experience of TRS has been some headaches, feeling a bit off, but nothing intense like that. That seems to match the science behind it, as it's meant to be a gradual process.


TRS is a gentle heavy metal detox product.

It's a lab-made pure version of a really unique substance that occurs in nature.

It's a cage-like structure that attracts positive ions that the body isn't using, and takes them all the way through the body to be peed out, without breaking down and leaving anything behind. All of my cognitive concerns and questions went away as I looked deeper into the science, and I got to settle back into the thing that brought us to this product in the first place—it felt good, pure, and here for us. It's always awesome when the data backs up what we were getting from the very start. 🔗


This one is newer for us, but it's already something we take continually and recommend. It's a black goo from the Himalayan mountains that's closely tied to Ayurvedic medicine. It's packed with humic and fulvic acids, which binds to organic trace minerals in its environment, so it's partially a replacement for the lack of minerals in our soil, and part detoxifying once it's in the body.

Sea Moss

Sea moss includes 92 of the 102 minerals and vitamins that the human body consist of. It's also a drawing agent, for detoxification.

The other minerals are found in Bladderwrack and Burdock Root.

Miriam puts all three of these in our smoothies, and has also used sea moss as a hair and face mask. 🔗

If you want the other two as well, here are links to those:

Burdock Root:

Clean Protein Powder (Nuzest)

Our main draw to this protein powder is how it's made and processed.

Most protein powders are high in heavy metals (go figure), but Nuzest purposefully grows their peas in France under cover, to minimize environmental contamination.
🔗 Use Code INTUITION for 15% off!

Water + Air Filtration (Alexapure)

We highly recommend Alexapure filters, across the board.

After an obscene amount of research for both quality and a good deal, we now have two air filters, a shower filter, and a drinking water filter (with 2 filters inside, it holds 4).

Their water filtration system is like a less expensive Berkey filter, and the air filter for the sq. footage it covers is an insanely good deal. 5 Stars!

Alex Jones always has the best deals (like him or hate him, he gets great deals on these products! 😂), so here’s a link to all of the Alexapure products on his website:


We don’t get any kickbacks from this link, but it’s a way better deal here than on the other sites we could send you to!

Clean Beauty Products (BeautyCounter)

BeautyCounter is Miriam's new go-to for makeup and skin care products.

She was using YoungLiving and tried a few non-toxic makeup brands, but BeautyCounter is consistently ranked as the cleanest skincare brand by the Environmental Working Group (EWG)—and their aesthetic is on point too.

Their Countertime skin care routine is Miriam's fave right now. It's made from babuchiol and apline rose, which is an alternative to popular retinol treatments that damage the liver.

Red Aspen Nails

These are the glue on nails that Miriam has been wearing recently. No detox health benefits or anything. Just for funzies. :) 🔗

EMF Baby Blanket

Learning about more about EMFs and their impact on fertility has been eye opening for both of us. This baby blanket is affordable and the perfect size for on the couch laptop typing! (I'm doing it right now 😆)


Microgreen Seeds & Containers

Hi friends, Miriam here! I gotta tell you how much I love these micro greens! Not only did
Sustainable Sprouts nail it on their branding and aesthetic, their seeds are NonGMO, pesticide free, and chemical free.
And they're SO easy to grow! Grab some organic soil from your local greenhouse and you're good to go! Directions are on the back of the seed packets, that's how I learned how to do it. You cannot mess it up! Once you plant them, you can either cover them in dirt or not, either way they'll sprout. During their germination stage, I covered them with a paper towel and sprayed them with water in the morning and evening. Once they pop through, you can remove the paper towel and place them on the window sill! They'll love you for it! Check out the link below for micogreens! 🔗 These are the BPA Free trays I use. It comes as a 5 pack which pairs perfectly with the 5 pack of seeds. It's easy to check on their water levels too as the trays come in two pieces. 🔗 Enjoy! Happy Microgreening!

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