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Darkness is Real

This simple idea that, on the surface, most intuitive people already agree with has been a continual teacher for us.

It comes up again, and again, and again—in places we never thought we'd find it.

For us, 2020 was a massive period of learning about the world.

As we pulled on the thread of lockdowns, masks. and mandatory vaccinations we stumbled into a much larger exploration that seems to have no end.

We started to find some of the same ideologies we'd been looking at in mainstream spirituality echoed throughout the progressive/UN/Great Reset narratives that were being heavily rolled out and talked about at the time.

Today, a lot of people are weary of a global network of political and business leaders taking control over the world's affairs.

They fear a future run by artificial intelligence and living a world where personal freedom and sovereignty takes a backseat to the "collective well being."

Old ideas from the era of Communism roll back into public discussion, even after well over 100 million casualties to a similar system in the Soviet Union—and, even now, there's a loud and passionate uproar from conservatives and "conspiracy theorists" sounding the alarm.

But what we see happening is a very different picture:

"Nothing's changed."

It's not that this new collective trend doesn't concern us (it's certainly concerning, and we still keep a pulse on many of these pockets).

It's that we see the same thing happening across most every other aspect of life too.

Meaning, it's not actually new.

At the time we started exploring this pocket of the Internet, we'd already been turning over every stone in the spiritual and personal development communities, calling out dark ideologies and things like emotional manipulation driving sales in the coaching industry.

It was only a matter of time until we made the connection.

The problem on Earth isn't the United Nations or a push toward a New World Order.

The issue is...

"Darkness is real, and it's interwoven into every aspect of society."

If that's true, we're already living inside of the very system that people all over the Internet are sounding the alarms over.

As we see it, there's Light and dark—with no grey in between.

These aren't just old archetypes from Disney movies—they're the two core paradigms of reality at large, even beyond Earth.

The entire structure of God itself is divided.

And that divide certainly isn't Democrat vs. Republican.

That divide is between the souls that work with the larger structure of God, and the souls who use their free will to do something else.

Meaning, anything else.

When we have a real-time personal connection to divinity (a refined intuition), it's as clear as black and white.

We have a constant pull within us to what's aligned and true, and we have the ability to trust that inner guidance by following it.

Following that guidance is working in harmony with the larger structures of divinity.

It's the acknowledgment that we're a part of something much larger and that those higher structures of God have a far better understanding of what's "ideal" than we can see on the ground floor.

When we trust our intuition, we are walking in the paradigm of "Light."

We receive direct guidance from divinity, and walk that path with the understanding that it's truly better than any other alternative.

When we deny that guidance and do "something else," we are walking the paradigm of "darkness."

It's actually that simple.

And when it's that simple, the world around us becomes very clear.

Our world is designed in such a way that our intuition is invalidated.

We're encouraged to scramble for safety and strive for material and emotional utopias—things our intuition has never guided us to, even once.

That's "just life" here.

This world is built on the paradigm of darkness, and countless social, financial, and other pressures encourage us to simply "fall in line."

That isn't something that just happens by accident.

A whole civilization doesn't just lose the most important aspect of life, the connection they hold most sacred, by chance.

They must be convinced, even tricked.

It's not too big of stretch to look back at the history of modern religious institutions, public education, the financial system, modern social movements, and even New Age spirituality and see the slow installation of a system that puts logic at conflict with soul.

Today, to be a "good person," you must walk in the opposite direction of your intuitive guidance.

That's the world we live in, and it's why it's so unusually challenging to bring a divine intelligence to Earth through our intuition.

Logic and emotion have been weaponized against intuition—to sever us from the very structure of divinity—to convince us that "something else" is somehow better or necessary.

Today, "going with the flow" means walking in a paradigm of darkness.

Darkness is the norm here.

That means, if we're ever to regain our ability to trust our intuition as The Cutting Edge, we have to be willing to swim upstream and allow divinity the chance to show us our logical and emotional prisons, so we can actually be free and do what we're here to do.

As you can imagine, this is an even larger discussion that goes in dozens of different directions.

It's something we're continually unpacking in places like our podcast, The Soul Perspective.

But hopefully this sparks some new ideas and connects some dots in your own exploration.

Darkness is very real, and it's interwoven into the very fabric of society.

But even now, divinity is leading us out of it, one intuitive message at a time.

Now, in the next section, we'll get back to our exploration of Direct Access and how divinity asks us to validate our intuitive connection through our lived experience.


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