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A Philosophy of Embracing What’s Already Happening

This article originally appeared in our Winter 2022 edition of intuitionOS Magazine.

These quarterly magazines are something we're incredibly proud of, and since this article fits perfectly into this discussion, we're republishing it here. Let's get into it, and we'll tie this back into the larger discussion at the end of this lesson.


For roughly 6 months, we had this photo right at the top of our homepage:

We knew this statement was a little bold, but it wasn't there to being triggering or offensive.

It was about speaking to the underlying mechanism that the self-help and spiritual industries are built on:

“There’s something wrong with your circumstances, and it’s all your fault.”

If you can be made to feel that way... well, then you can be “saved.”

And if you can be “saved,” you’ll bend over backwards for that savior. You’ll hand yourself over—your cash, your psyche, your power, your vote—for the promise to fix you.

Personal development and self-help make it about personal responsibility: "You’re not taking enough of it."

New Age Spirituality makes it about your vibration, how you manifest what you think and feel: “Your vibration is discouragingly low, and the Universe is just granting your request for misery and hardship."

Either way, you're told that you don’t have everything you desire because you’ve done something wrong. You've done something wrong in the past, or you’re doing something wrong even now.

Usually, you're also told that this thing you're doing wrong is something you can't even see. It takes an expert to sort out your wrongness and set you on the path to your own personal utopia.

When we use that framework to make sense of the world, inevitably we start making a list of everything wrong with our lives and all the things we need to do to change it:

“Now I know what’s wrong with me! I’ve identified the problem, and found a new solution to fix it all and make everything okay.”

Except, that problem is little more than a convincing lie.

Believe it or not, there’s nothing wrong with you or your life—even now.

Again, “If you have problems, you’ve been lied to.”

Now what?

What’s left, if we’re not solving our way into a better future?

Well, here at The Second Paradigm, we take a very different approach to life.

We call it, "What's Here."

As simple as that may sound, we could just as easily call it, “A Philosophy of Embracing What’s Already Happening.”

It goes something like this:

What happens to us is not by chance.

There is a divine intelligence behind our circumstances. What happens to us—even what runs through our minds throughout the day—is far more significant than random.

The challenges we face, even our anxieties about them, hold within them incredibly unique opportunities for our personal evolution.

These opportunities are also not random. They're crafted and identified by a divine intelligence and delivered to us through our intuition.

It’s not that every single thing is pre-determined. We really do have free will in the decisions we make. No, it’s more that we’re being shown a path that, if we choose it, will help us see more of who we truly are and what we’re capable of.

While everyone scrambles to get out of their circumstances, at The Second Paradigm, we’re more focused on making peace with those circumstances and discovering what’s there within them.

It’s far too easy to get caught up in utopias that don’t exist and desires that may or may not even be satisfying when we achieve them.

That’s why Light continually encourages us to come back to the present moment, into what’s genuinely happening now, and to face what’s here with our full attention and bandwidth.

Divinity meets us here.

Even beyond all the benefits that come from living a life in the present moment, when we allow ourselves to embrace the circumstances that are already here in front of us, we open ourselves to intuitive guidance that helps us to navigate our lives in a beneficial way.

Instead of cognitively crafting “quantum leaps” to change everything all at once, we start engaging with reality as it is today.

By listening to our intuition and following that divinely-sourced guidance, we gain something that’s impossible to develop any other way:

We gain the tangible experience of the wisdom and power of divinity.

We build the capability to be anywhere, in any circumstance, and to use our intuition to navigate it for the better.

In no other place could we find the experience of Light than right here in our own physical experience.

True spirituality isn’t about learning to leave our bodies and travel to distant lands in the astral realm. It’s about learning to understand the significance of what’s already happening.

Divinity isn’t something we find “out there.” It’s something we come back to when we leave behind the imaginary utopias we’ve tried so hard to escape to.

Divinity meets us in what’s already here (not somewhere we “should be”), and uses what’s already happening for our growth, fulfillment, and insight.

It may be impossible to fully put to words the felt experience of divinity guiding every twist and turn of life—but when it happens, it’s profound and undeniable.

We have access to the massive network of Light, and divinity is already showing us the most beneficial path forward for the exact circumstances we’re in.

“If you have problems, you’ve been lied to.”


Because there’s nowhere to get but “here.”

Light is trying to meet us inside of the experience of what’s already happening.

When we know that, it doesn’t matter what new shiny utopia may be marketed to us.

Because nothing could be better than meeting God in the experience of what’s already happening.


There was a time, not so long ago, where we felt a strong calling to speak out against the coaching industry, self-help, and mainstream spirituality in a more direct way.

But as time goes on, it's only becoming clearer that it's just "not for us."

There are things that, ideally, wouldn't be happening—things like the emotionally manipulative sales scripts that get people to spend money on products and services that aren't actually aligned or helpful. That kind of fear and insecurity based marketing is just despicable, and it's everywhere.

Still, there's plenty of products and services on the market that are legitimately helping people in crucial moments in their lives.

Marketing aside, there are systems and strategies, movements, and careers out there that are truly helpful for Tradition and Culture.

Maybe the deeper truth is something we already explored a bit—that The Cutting Edge won't find what they're looking for "out there," because what they're doing is uniquely different.

There's no 7-step e-book that's going to give you everything you need to proceed, because what you already have access to is far more important.

Our life as The Cutting Edge is about directly interfacing with divinity through our intuition.

There's no way to do that if we're caught up in what's trending over what's here.

That longing we have inside isn't from a lack of e-books and self-help courses. That longing is for a world that we'll never find until we create it ourselves.

The pressure we feel in our day-to-day lives isn't just typical stress or anxiety. It's the energetic subtleties of our evolutionary edge.

The very structure of divinity is pushing us through the only possible path to the life we're searching for.

Knowing that can let us off the hook from all the things we "should be doing," or for not being as "productive" as we should be.

The only "productive" thing for an intuitive person to be doing is to live in the moment and trust their intuitive guidance for what to do next.

As The Cutting Edge, we won't be satiated until we do what we came here to do.

That divinely-guided sequence that's already happening is not just the only path to that destination—it's the quickest, most efficient, and most ideal path there.

Maybe for someone, even most people, there's value in seeking their next steps externally and following the roadmap of what's come before them.

But for The Cutting Edge?

The only path forward is to embrace what's already happening.


This is the end of Section 3.

In our next section, we're going to get into some of our channeled material. David started channeling in 2016, and much of our work has come in the form of channeled documents from the being he channels, B.

As odd of a phenomenon as it is, it's worth exploring what channeling even is, and why we value what comes through B as a part of our work in the world.

Whenever you're ready, we'll see you in Section 4.


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