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Soul and Intuition

Here’s where we left off:

There is a force within us that compels us into uncertainty, and defies all logic.

What is this force, and can it be understood?

Soul & Intuition

If we’re going to use words with as much baggage as soul or intuition, we have to cut away all the riffraff and talk about what we really mean when we use them.

This force within us defies logic.

That’s a bigger statement than you might first think.

Every single experience we have in our lives has contributed to that logic.

Everything we’ve taken in through our five senses is categorized, sorted, and distilled down into that mental powerhouse.

But this force within us defies logic.

That also means, it defies our own experience.

It asks us to leave, when our experience says to stay. And it asks us to stay, when our experience says to leave.

It’s as if there’s a completely different source of information here, coming through a very different neural pathway.

We could use any words here, and the experience wouldn’t change.

We’re not talking about old religious texts, or woo woo practices from the fringes of Instagram.

We’re talking about a very real experience that everyone has.

There’s something within us that defies our entire body of experience, and compels us to take uncertain leaps into something new.

But if we were to use words, it’s really not that crazy to say that if there’s a piece of us that somehow exists outside of the entire body of experience we have access to, we could call it...


And this Soul? It nudges us into the unknown through these odd feelings that we could call...


After all, what other words could we use to describe something so profound?

We’re being nudged into uncertainty, out into what looks like it could only be certain doom. And somehow, this feeling, this Intuition, leads us in directions that benefit our lives, bring greater fulfillment, and teach us huge lessons about reality.

Look at any person who’s doing something they truly love, and you’ll find that it started with a story of an uncertain and terrifying leap of faith.

It defied logic. It didn’t make sense. But they did it anyway. Why?

A feeling.

Something, somewhere along the line, convinced them to defy their entire body of experience and step into the unknown.

There’s no way to avoid that feeling of certain doom. It’s all that our current operating system can give us. LogicOS only has access to our experiences.

So why, and how, did they manage to do something else?

Ask these same people, and the answer is often something like, “Word hard, work smart, and keep going until you get lucky.”

But what you’ll rarely hear is far more profound than hard work.

They defied their operating system: the way of being we all agreed upon as true. They looked certain doom in the eyes, and said, “I don’t believe you.”

Then, they walked straight into that fire, and somehow made it to the other side unharmed.

There, on the other side of certain doom, they found a whole new life for themselves.

They trusted a feeling, over logic, and didn’t die.

That should be breaking news all over the world—man takes illogical leap into certain doom and makes it out alive, no, even more, makes it out happier and more fulfilled.

But it isn’t breaking news.

We hardly even realize it’s happening.

We hardly even realize that an entirely new operating system is coming online for humanity, and only a few have stumbled upon it, and even fewer realize what it is.

We’ve discovered our Intuition to be true and valid, and, in that, we’ve also proved that our Logic has been wrong all along.

As this moves further into the territory of pseudoscientific snake oil by the minute, we’re inevitably going to lose some of you here.

That’s okay. But before we do, think back to a moment when you tested this feeling within you against reality.

Have you ever ignored the loud warnings of LogicOS and listened to your Intuition? Did you make it out alive?

Or even far more likely, have you ever not listened to your Intuition and come to regret it?

Even in the little things—to stay away from that person. They’re smiling, they’re bright and happy, they’re smart...and come to find out later, all of it was a bit of a charade to mask those narcissistic tendencies...

On comes a long road of pain and heartbreak.

Or you brush aside that weird feeling to buy a stock, buy gold, buy silver, buy something—and you watch it shoot up in value just days or weeks later.

Intuition is so often, annoyingly, spot on.

How can this unknown feeling, be more precise than our entire life’s experience in logic?

And if it’s actually true, if it actually works, how could we possibly see this force within us as anything other than access to something outside of that lived experience?

At The Second Paradigm, we call this force, “Intuition,” and this something else, “Soul.”

It’s nothing new to learn, nothing overly complicated to understand—just new words for a very familiar experience.


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