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2. What is intuitionOS?

Next up, we have a 6-part series on intuition as an operating system.

In it, we explore the limitations of “LogicOS,” plus a new paradigm for decision-making that’s far more precise, far more fulfilling, and reconnects us back to who we truly are underneath our perceived obligations.

We call it intuitionOS.

For each of the coming lessons in this section, we have a video up top and the full transcript below. Feel free to watch or read, whichever you prefer.

This series is a great introduction not just to some of the foundational concepts at The Second Paradigm, but also the specific words we use most often to describe those big spiritual themes.

Whenever you're ready, click "next" to watch the first video in the series:


Note: If you've already seen our 6-Part intuitionOS Series on The Second Paradigm YouTube channel, this is that same series.

If you don't want to rewatch the series or flip through the transcript as a refresher, here's a link to skip the rest of this section and jump back in after the video series:


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