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The Call to Your Life's Work

Spirituality has been around for a long time, and so have spiritual people.

But "The Call" we're speaking to here isn't just the fleeting inspiration to start exploring spirituality.

It was a specific role, given to a specific population—the population we call "The Cutting Edge."

This was (and is) significant enough that you could even call it a form of divine intervention in the affairs of humanity.

Much of what these intuitive people are facing today, including feeling unbelievably out of place in our modern world and oddly overwhelming feelings of existential crisis, all have to do with this call.

But to really understand what we're talking about here, we have to talk about what we mean by The Cutting Edge in the First Place.

Tradition, Culture, and The Cutting Edge.

At The Second Paradigm, we believe that every civilization, in every time and place, has three populations that each play their own distinct roles: Tradition, Culture, and The Cutting Edge.

Most of the population is either preserving what's "good" (Tradition), or changing what's "bad" (Culture).

This push-and-pull between Tradition and Culture is what not only holds the fabric of society together, but is also what keeps things moving forward in a positive direction.

You can see this in American politics—those preserving old ideals of freedom and free speech, and those changing the old ideals through social movements that say, "Your definition of equality isn't good enough," or "This old system you're trying to preserve isn't sustainable."

Tradition tries to preserve the old "good," and Culture grapples with Tradition to challenge what's "bad" and create a new "good."

Then, there's the Cutting Edge.

The Cutting Edge is the population whose role it is to parse through what's "good" and "bad," and inform Culture of their findings.

They have "a foot in both worlds," so to speak, and their entire makeup as a soul is designed to bring novelty to the world.

In an ideal world, this happens hand-in-hand with divinity. It's God and Light informing The Cutting Edge, who specialize in clearly bringing that divine spark into words, ideas, and blueprints for the ideal future—not the "ideal" as seen by them, but the ideal as seen by divinity.

In our world, this isn't the case. The Cutting Edge has been largely severed from their role and now lies dormant.

Without The Cutting Edge playing their role, what informs Culture today? Well, you may be able to guess, but we'll get to that.

The Cutting Edge today is roughly 2.7% of the population—about 1 in every 37 people.

This population feels largely out of place, like this world isn't meant for them. And, as we see it, they're not wrong.

Their role is to use their intuitive connection to divinity to bring a specific divine intelligence to Earth. It was assigned to them even before birth, and much of their life is centered around bringing that work to fruition.

Sadly, very few (if any) of The Cutting Edge is able to fulfill that divine mission.

The combined pressures of the demands of the world, crippling insecurity, and relentless existential questioning keep The Cutting Edge from fully following their intuition to the fulfillment of that life's work.

Enter: The Call.

The last decade or so, something distinct happened to this intuitive population.

This "Call" wasn't what made them intuitive. They already were. The entire 2.7% of The Cutting Edge is unusually intuitive.

No, it was a distinct period of time starting in roughly 2011, where this intuitive population was called to a specific journey.

They were called to something they didn't quite understand but that they knew was important. As embarrassing as it might have sounded coming out of their mouths, they felt like they were going to change the world.

This journey might have looked like traditional spirituality at first, and for many, it led to the old mystic traditions, chakras, yoga, meditation, and other forms of spiritual education.

Except, it wasn't about traditional forms of spirituality.

It was something else entirely.

We go into this call in-depth in our channeled document, The Cutting Edge (you can read it for free in our community on Mighty Networks here).

But, in short, it was a request from divinity to this population to expedite their spiritual evolution.

They were called, not to the dormant life that so many of The Cutting Edge are stuck within even today, but to actually do what they came here to do—something that should be "impossible."

They were called to do their life's work on Earth and to step into their true role as The Cutting Edge.

Not all who were called answered. But for those who did, they began a highly unusual journey toward their liberation as a soul.

We call this journey, The Levels of Clearance—the topic of our next article.


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