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The Levels of Clearance

The Levels of Clearance is our core model at The Second Paradigm.

It's not a coaching model, a "7-step process to become super intuitive," or even something we directly facilitate for those on The Cutting Edge.

It's a description of what divinity has already been taking them through in their own experience and where that journey goes.

Our job at The Second Paradigm isn't to drastically change what you're doing by giving you a model for how to act, speak, or build wealth. Our role is to help to make sense of the journey that's already happening and to speed up the process where we can.

Put simply, The Levels of Clearance is our best articulation of what happens to those on The Cutting Edge who answered that call.

They transform—and they do so in a very specific way.

This journey starts in what we call The Core 3 (where a large majority of people live their lives), and it ends with what we call Eternal Peace.

This isn't some blissful state that lasts forever, where thoughts manifest into a utopian reality. This journey doesn't go there (truthfully, no journey does).

No, Eternal Peace is the place where you're unshakable in your resolve to do your life's work and have built the capabilities through time to accomplish the entirety of what you came here to do.

As refreshing and remarkable as that may be, what makes this journey so challenging is the magnitude of what's required along the way.

For most people on The Cutting Edge, having a foot in both worlds creates a significant degree of inner conflict. What they get intuitively rarely matches what they feel the world is asking of them, or what they need to do to survive and get ahead.

Remember, The Cutting Edge in our modern era is dormant. This inner conflict is why they're dormant.

Our world, as it is today, has no real place for The Cutting Edge. Intuition is invalidated to such a degree that it should be impossible to do even a sliver of what we're here to do.

If we're going to do the impossible, we have to be taken through a fairly predictable series of realizations and have the life experiences required to integrate those realizations.

That process is guided entirely by divinity and what we call the Oversoul Orchestration.

We'll explore this more later, but divinity has a structure. It's not just God above and us "fearfully" following his every command down below. It's also not just a sea of oneness, an "ocean of soul droplets," with no hierarchical structure at all.

Oddly, it's a bit of both.

As we see it, God has layers like the human body, a fractal geometry, or the flower of life geometry:

The Flower of Life (God)

As an individual whole circle, we're connected to each other within a larger sea of consciousness—yes.

But the whole shape is also an individual consciousness. That intelligence, as a whole, we could call God. The larger "whole" is an intelligence of its own.

There are even multiple layers within that structure of divinity, each of which plays their own unique roles within reality.

One of these smaller structures of divinity, we call the Oversoul. We use the Seed of Life image (a smaller section of the flower of life) as a metaphor for this intelligence:

Seed of Life (Oversoul)

If we're that center circle, an individual soul, then the Oversoul is the full Seed of Life—also a part of something even larger (God), but playing a specific role in reality.

It's this intelligence, the Oversoul, that helps guide our lives and "orchestrate" within our circumstances.

Another way to look at this is the human body. If we're a single cell, God is the body, and the Oversoul is an organ.

However we imagine it, there are whole intelligences within the larger structure of God. As the smallest piece of that structure, we exist in a physical body, in this reality that was created by larger structures of divinity for a purpose.

Our role is to work with our Oversoul, to accomplish the role we're here to play.

As The Cutting Edge, we're severed from that role. Truthfully, nearly everyone on Earth is severed from their role.

Our connection to the structure of divinity has been lost (or meticulously taken from us), and our role as The Cutting Edge is to regain that connection.

Those who answered, are those who divinity is liberating through The Levels of Clearance, specifically to play the role of bringing humanity back to its connection to God.

The inner whisper—our intuition—is our direct connection to our Oversoul.

Our Oversoul is the source of our intuitive guidance—which also means, when we're listening to our intuition, we're speaking directly with the structure of God.

This journey is about refining that connection, and learning to trust it.

As simply as that sounds on paper, it's a uniquely challenging task.

Our world just isn't designed to support us in this journey. Instead, we have to trust our intuitive connection over every bit of consensus logic.

We have to work against our own body's desire to fit in, play the game, and chase material and emotional utopias.

We have to do the impossible.

The good news is, we're not alone in that task.

All along, we've been directly guided by the very structure of God—prepared at every turn, to do what we've always known is ours to do.

This journey through The Levels of Clearance is what we've spent the last 6+ years articulating and walking ourselves and others through.

To explore this model more in-depth, you can read more about each of the 12 Levels of Clearance here before continuing.

Otherwise, we'll see you in our next section.

If this is resonating so far, we hope you're able to find as much Peace and clarity in this work as we've found in the creation of it.


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