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3. The Unique Journey of The Cutting Edge

Earlier in Section 1, we took a brief look at our core model, The Levels of Clearance.

In Section 2, we weaved through lots of the big concepts from that model into an introduction to intuitionOS.

Here, in Section 3, we're going to bring these two ideas together by exploring a bit more about The Cutting Edge and their unique journey.

There was a time when we thought everyone would experience this exact spiritual journey—at least, they could if they wanted to. We thought it was what everyone was doing here, and some people were maybe just further behind than others.

Today, we see things a little differently.

As The Cutting Edge, we have a very specific role to play here—but Culture and Tradition each have their own roles to play too.

For the majority of people, their soul's role is already here for them and represented in the world around them.

Tradition might find themselves incredibly lit up about preserving traditional values in a time when so much of our past is being replaced and forgotten. Think: the patriot movement in the US.

Culture might find themselves right in-sync with larger movements like fine-tuning our emotional intelligence in a world that so often suppresses their feelings. Think: mainstream personal development.

For Tradition and Culture, this larger sequence of The Levels of Clearance wouldn't actually be relevant.

Their journey is about overcoming survival fears and biological desires (The Core 3) to find a role that their soul is really meant to play here. That tends to look like finding a pre-existing path that lights them up or calls to them—a cause, company, skillset, or movement that they care about on a deep, visercal level.

The Cutting Edge is different. Their values and mission as a soul aren't here yet.

Weirdly, they're most aligned as a soul with something that doesn't even yet exist.

That can feel like being born 100 years too early—like some big cosmic joke or mistake—but that's not quite the reality.

We're right on time. Our role is just different.

The thing we're most aligned with doesn't exist yet, because we've yet to create it.

Our soul doesn't long to find it's preexisting place in the world, because that place doesn't exist.

Instead, it longs for the place in this world that we're here to create—something we call "the intelligence of our life's work."

The Cutting Edge doesn't play their role of informing Culture by arguing on social media, or even by sharing their own spiritual journey with others (again, Culture doesn't need that same spiritual journey to do what they're here to do).

No, The Cutting Edge informs Culture by doing their life's work.

What The Cutting Edge is longing for is the very thing they're here to create.

But as we mentioned earlier, it's not quite possible for us to naturally come to these conclusions within ourselves. Again, The Cutting Edge today is dormant.

That means our life's work can only be possible if we lean into the evolutionary process that divinity has called us to.

It's one thing to be intuitive.

It's a whole other thing to be able to trust that intuition over our own body's fears and logic, even when everyone around us disagrees with us or thinks everything is just fine as it is.

That sort of inner solidity takes time to build. It's something that's really only possible through direct divine intervention—that process we call The Levels of Clearance.

This relentless evolutionary drive we have as The Cutting Edge isn't a typical experience.

It's divinity urging us to continue what we started—to do the impossible and become capable of what we're here to do.

As The Cutting Edge, there's a world that we long for.

We can search, and search, and search, but we'll never find it "out there."


Because we'll never find what's ours to do.


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