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A Deeper Look at The Levels of Clearance

What is The Levels of Clearance, and what does it have to do with intuition and the spiritual journey?

The Levels of Clearance is our core model at The Second Paradigm.

Every one of our channeled documents and every piece of our larger body of work fits into this graphic that describes the spiritual journey in 12 Stages.

It starts with The Core 3, and ends with Eternal Peace—the “point” of the spiritual journey as a whole.

If you want to learn a bit more about the model and what each of these stages is all about, you’re in the right place.

Let’s get into it!

Survival Based Action, Material Desire Based Action, and Emotional Desire Based Action

First, "I have to do A, B, and C to survive."

Survival Based Action is an obligation based worldview. All of life's many rulesets and systems sync up with core biological survival mechanisms, and nearly everything is an obligation to avoid "certain doom."

Then, "Life is more than a series of obligations. I can create a life of my preference."

Material Desire includes money, of course, but also includes any external physical desire like a bigger home, a more luxurious car, even sex or a promotion.

Emotional Desire is the search for happiness, but also includes any internal desires like comfort, to be swept off your feet romantically, to have more personal space, or to experience feelings of excitement, liberation, or bliss.

These internal and external desires go hand in hand, but there's typically one that drives decision making more than the other.

We call these first three Levels of Clearance, "The Core 3."

"There must be more to life than this."

As life plays out and desires are met, expectations are shattered with the disappointment of a reality that quickly normalizes to any new height. Is there anything "more" to life?

For many, asking this question that marks Self Acceptance is what they'd first describe as "waking up." This tends to be more of a brief milestone than a full phase of life, but it's deeply visceral.

Where basic evolutionary mechanisms, cultural misconceptions, and the relentless fulfillment of hollow desires no longer dominate our perception, there's now room to look out to the world with an open mind—beyond ensuring survival and chasing adolescent desires.

“There's more to this existence than just my own personal life.”

Global Education is one of three Levels of Clearance that make up an "education phase."

"Life" is now more than just "my life." It's a dynamic, ever-changing ecosystem of billions of people, many of whom "have it far worse than I do."

This widened scope tends to give way to a desire to help, right alongside the humbling search for what you could possibly do to make any difference at all.

“I have a purpose. What is it?”

Impact Driven Action is an exploration of purpose, often through personal development and entrepreneurship.

From Global Education (there's more to this existence than my own personal life), it's inevitable to see injustice and inefficiency, along with the slow destruction of the planet by the status quo.

"I have a purpose," is a natural response to that new influx of information. Impact Driven Action is a blend of "how to help the world" and "finding my purpose."

This tends to lead to spiritual curiosity, as it's the most obvious place where these "big questions" of life are explored openly.

That being said, some turn back to fulfilling adolescent desires through concepts like "legacy" and "helping others" as a new pathway for emotional fulfillment.

“There's more to existence than just this physical world.”

The exploration beyond physical reality includes things like energy, soul, and divinity.

Because there's not a comprehensive mainstream understanding for any of these things, this is easily one of the most confusing pieces of the journey.

A quality Etheric Education is highly, highly rare.

That tends to mean, for most people, this exploration is a tumultuous journey of trial-and-error that can be quite destabilizing. Does it have to be? No. But it most often is.

From a Second Paradigm perspective, this 3-part education phase—Global Education, Impact Driven, and Etheric Education—really just serves one core purpose: to lay the foundation for Direct Access.

“Intuition is true and valid.”

Direct Access is the first direct relationship with divinity—the beginning of what we call intuitionOS.

This phase of life is about slowly validating your intuition by sorting through your internal world to discover what's genuinely from your soul, and what's an old biological argument for the opposite.

This is the discovery of what your intuition even is within you—what it feels like, sounds like, and how to reliably access it.

Most often, Direct Access starts by acknowledging intuition, while also ignoring it. By ignoring the intuitive knowing and watching circumstances go "wrong," you're able to witness its validity without taking any big risks that defy logic.

Direct Access is a testing ground where intuition is validated as being legitimate and trustworthy through lived experience.

“I've seen enough to know that my intuition is always right.”

After many iterations of validating intuition in Direct Access, eventually, intuition becomes the obvious choice across the board.

Anchored Being is, then, the physical experience of Soul running the show.

Where intuition was merely acknowledged and tested in Direct Access, it now dictates choices in Anchored Being—nearly all of them.

Here, life becomes a subtle "following of the energy," and every reason you previously had to ignore your intuition goes through an internal process of seeing exactly how and why it was mistaken.

Anchored Being is where over 95% of your decisions are made as the soul, through intuition.

When life gets too intense to find Peace and make decisions as the soul, “the 5%” takes back over to ensure safety or chase adolescent desires—it's the pocket of emotional intensity where decisions can still be derailed.

“I'm going for it.”

This is where 100% of decisions are being made in Soul.

Using Peace to fortify and clarify one's connection to divinity, the truth is now identified even inside of peak emotional intensity. Here, there's a sense of “going for it.”

Soul becomes real, even beyond the times when life is smooth and comfortable.

Intuition becomes valid, even when it's not convenient or easy to trust it.

Essential Radiance finds a way to navigate that final 5% of life experience that was simply too intense for Anchored Being to stay intuitively tethered in.

Intuition was already validated extensively through both Direct Access and Anchored Being, but pressing into that last 5% of decision-making can still very much feel like a “bet.”

This is something that can only be learned through experience, but it's a substantial milestone where intuitionOS and one's real-time personal connection to divinity functions across every single life decision.

Essential Radiance is marked by trusting one's intuition even when things get hard.

“It's actually real.”

The “100%” milestone of Essential Radiance sounds like it should be a huge energetic shift and blatantly obvious, but it typically flies entirely under the radar.

Self Recognition is when that realization finally hits.

Before this, there's no recognition of the significance of what has just been done. Why? Because throughout the spiritual journey, we have two distinct internal narratives for what's happening—the one where we're insane and a failure, and the other where we're right on track and legitimately interfacing with divinity.

There's no way to reconcile those "two identities" outside of the lived experience of our fears, worries, and anxieties being meticulously overcome through our intuitive connection.

There's no way to undertake this process, outside of divinity directly facilitating the process. The series of realizations that happen through this orchestrated phase of life, resolve those conflicting inner narratives, line by line.

“It's actually real,” hits over, and over, and over again within every single doubt and grievance with reality until there's simply nothing left.

“There is nothing left that can derail me from my soul's path or entice me to leave my intuitive connection to God.”

Eternal Peace is where the inner turmoil from the conflict between body and soul ends.

At The Second Paradigm, Peace is more than a neutral emotional state. It's the space where we directly interface with divinity through our intuition.

Once we've internally validated the truth of that personal connection with divinity through lived experience, there's quite literally nothing else left that's compelling.

What's better than a life in the ideal, exactly?

We continue to make decisions intuitively, as we have for quite some time, but now there's a sense of no longer fighting with ourselves or grappling with our already aligned decisions.

This harmony between body and soul, creates the lived experience of a life in the ideal as continually laid out by divinity.

This is the "point" of the spiritual journey and the final Level of Clearance.


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