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1. Welcome to intuitionOS University

Welcome to intuitionOS University!

Here, you'll find dozens of lessons across big topics, all for free. There's no need to sign up or enter your email. Everything is available right here on our website, ready to explore at your own pace.

As of late, it's only become clearer to us just how important it is to share The Second Paradigm body of work in a free and accessible way.

The spiritual world is incredibly easy to get lost in, with landmines at every turn. As an intuitive person searching for truth and insight, it's far too easy to fall down surprisingly dark paths.

Mainstream spirituality has become a hollow shell of what it aspired to be, where black magic and personal gain has all but entirely replaced genuine spiritual exploration.

And for us, there's no great alternative out there.

Turning to Christianity just isn't a satisfying option (as much as we might have wanted it to be), and every new pocket of spirituality we explore seems to lead to the same dark places.

We've looked as far and wide as we could and found little to nothing we really resonated with. So, instead, we spent the last 6+ years building a body of work that was everything we were searching for.

We're excited to be able to share it with you here and hopefully give some new words to the odd experience of being an intuitive person in a world that's built for logic.

We're going to explore a lot in this series, with more content being added over time.

Along the way, we'll have posts, videos, and other resources to help make sense of the intuitive path.

Hopefully, our search for deeper truth and the perspectives we've refined along the way can help put together some puzzle pieces for you.

At the very least, we hope you find some peace and resolve here.

We know this work isn't for everyone. We're describing a journey that unique to a very specific population—who we call The Cutting Edge.

If this is you, we know this work can help put words to the nebulous and winding journey that's been playing out for many years now.

And if this work isn't for you, this free resource should also be a great place to find that out.

All that said, let's dive right in.


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