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What happens when you infuse soul into every aspect of life?

All the compartmentalization starts breaking down. There isn't Health, Wealth, Relationships, and Spirituality—all with different tactics and rulebooks.

There's one integrated LIFESTYLE with your pure soul essence at the center of it all.

That's the core mission with this Lifestyle branch of The Second Paradigm: building your life, through radical soul embodiment.

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Learn the channeled perspective on a life lived entirely from soul:


  •  How to Become You in the World.

  • Exploring the principles of a soul-aligned lifestyle

  • Why money doesn't have to hold you back

  • What relationships look like in The Second Paradigm

  • How Time works and works for you

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What's so different about The Second Paradigm?

We used to have to watch our lives go to chaos, then learn each lesson by seeing what piece of us created it.

Watching our lives get difficult helped us see our inner conflict and become more of ourselves in the world, yes, but it was also extremely slow and painful.

Now, the world is waking up. There's a new paradigm coming online.

Notice the subtle nudges of your intuition coming online more and more? And how when you follow them, your life gets better and easier, and when you ignore them, life goes toward chaos?

Those nudges are this second paradigm coming online—a paradigm where you choose your path before you have to play out that chaos in your physical reality.

It's the fast-track to yourself.

And on that fast-track, we're not learning through challenging circumstances. We're learning through subtle nudges, by working on a whole different playing field.

Spirituality becomes the core navigation system for our lives, and everything starts falling into place faster than it ever could before.

We Have An Exciting New offering to Help you become more of yourself

The Second Paradigm Collective is a membership community with a bunch of bonus content and a monthly channel night!

You get access to all of our past and upcoming channeled documents, meditations, special offers, and have your questions answered LIVE with B every month.

It's our hyper-accessible membership tier that lets you be in the energy and get potent activations in a community setting.

If you're ready to explore The Second Paradigm in your own life, this is an incredible place to start.

Membership Community

Now Open: First Channel Night June 13th

  • Monthly Channel Nights w/ Live Q&A

  • Bonus Content: Docs, Meditations, Light Language Activations

  • Access to Early, Exclusive, and Discounted Offerings from The Second Paradigm

  • Facebook Group for Open High-Level Conversations


I have my own definition of what it means to live life in The Second Paradigm.

For me it’s about following the energy. Everyday. Checking in. Seeing what’s here and doing/being that.

For me it’s really about embodying this way of life.

I don’t claim that hard work is what got me here. I don’t work hard at all. I’m not available for it.

I’m just being me. Over and over and over again.

Living life in The Second Paradigm is real and it's possible for you too. You do get to be paid and make a living being exactly who you are!

If I can do it - you can do it!

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