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July 2020

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about working with miriam

Hi friends!

I imagine you're here because you're like "fuck... I just want to talk to Miriam." Or maybe you aren't as vulgar as I am :) but most likely you are!

There's options for everyone... if you're wanting an all-the-time on- the-go Miriam in your pocket experience - I'm here!

If you're wanting weekly or monthly touch points throughout the year - I'm here for that too!

This is for those of you that keep thinking:


"I just want to tell Miriam this, I know she would get it."

"I feel like I can't say this to anyone else without having to explain myself, but I know Miriam will get it."

"I know she's going to tell me to trust myself and blah blah blah... but I just need to bounce this off of her."

"I can't follow the current narrative out there and I don't know what to do... I'm starting to feel like I'm bad or wrong... which I know she says I'm not... but ah! What do I do?"

"I don't know what my truth is right now. It's so loud and confusing out there!"

"What's actually mine to do?"

So hey... I get it... I really really do. It's confusing and noisy and weird out there. It has been since we got here! It's hard to have radically different opinions than everyone around you. It's hard and nearly impossible to explain that you're prototyping new embodiments for humanity. Like when and where does that sentence actually make sense? Who is going to actually believe you? You already feel a little crazy for going out on a limb and not participating in the latest trends. You already feel a little strange for questioning everything in your immediate surroundings.

This is what I gotta tell you... over and over and over again...

Your truth... your essence... your unique essence.... unique... is hasn't been here before.... was prayed for... truly... just think about it.. even from a logical perspective... of course you were prayed for... our ancestors prayed for something radically different... just like we do today... and you are the result of that.

Your truth... your essence... you unique essence is welcome here!

The fact that you're not following the latest hashtag, trend, or narrative is a good thing! I welcome it! I welcome your radical ideas that you're too scared to tell anyone else. I was the same exact way! I still get nervous to share my truth. My truth goes against the current time and time again, but there is something in me that won't let it go any other way. And that something, that's my soul truth. That's me! Those are the ideas and embodiments that I came here to prototype. That's my expression!

And you're here to do the same. You're here to prototype new embodiments. You're here to prototype your expression and your truth.

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45m call:



Per Session in June

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