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A Soul Aligned Solution for

Wealth Creation and Financial Hardship


David Hrostoski



It's so exciting to be able to share some of the latest teachings from The Second Paradigm, especially on a topic that causes so much stress and anxiety.

We've spent a lot of time with soul-aligned entrepreneurs unpacking ideas around business and money. And lots of what we've uncovered has been pretty counter to the typical cultural and spiritual narratives.

So on this page, we'll be diving deeper into a new spiritual perspective on money, scarcity, and abundance.


We'll explore, not just what to do to climb out of a place of financial hardship, but the profound perspectives that can be discovered along the way.


Let's get started.

Unwinding the Old

For a long time, people have been saying that in order to create more abundance as a spiritual individual, you have to get all of your thoughts and beliefs in order.

What we've found, instead, is not a single soul-aligned person we've spoken to has actually had their thoughts and beliefs perfectly in order—but that hasn't stopped them in any way from creating wealth and abundance for themselves.

We continue to see examples, constantly, of people being deeply worried about their financial security but still being able to create incredible transitions into businesses and lives that are in deep alignment with who they actually are.


So before we dive into some of these soul-aligned solutions, we want to unpack why lots of the current narrative hasn't actually been working.

1) The idea that your thoughts create your reality.


This is a great stepping stone belief system, but it's not "Truth," with a capital T.

In actuality, our choices are creating our reality.

As we'll come to talk about, there's a big conflict between body and soul that keeps us from choosing the truths that we actually know are in deep alignment for us.


Being able to get clear on our soul truth and see through the fallacies of our body's precious programming is incredibly helpful.


But having perfect thoughts and emotions all the time misses the point.


It's an impossible spiritual ideal.

2) The latest business tactics.

At the very beginning of our spiritual journeys, we get huge downloads for what our business is going to do and how it's going to look.

But then we start transitioning into businesses that have nothing to do with our actual mission and purpose, because we get sidetracked by ideas that sound really good on paper or have helped other people to be successful.


We came here to bring something fundamentally new to the planet, but we try to cram ourselves into a box of the old, out of a deep fear that what we actually have to bring to the world won't work.


Soul tries to unwind this by making things as difficult as possible in these scenarios.


It's not supposed to be easy to be out of alignment.


Soul gives us an opportunity to see that the old things aren't working anymore, and that that's actually the reason why we're being called to do our work in the first place.

There's a reason why things haven't been working.

As a spiritual entrepreneur, we came here to do something very specific. And for the most part, we're clear on that.


What Soul is asking us to do is to triple down on who we actually are and to leave many of these outdated spiritual and other ideas in the rear-view mirror.


If you've been looking for solutions to get out of a place of deep financial hardship, hopefully this article can help to you to find some new articulations and understandings for a larger purpose behind this challenging time.


In the end, we hope it'll be obvious just how much this world really wants the fullest expression of you—and how money is here to support you, not limit you, in that expansion and unfolding of your truest expression.

Let’s talk money.

In periods of deep financial hardship, soul is giving us an opportunity to be able to get extremely clear on all of the reasons why we go out of alignment with ourselves in the first place.


Here at The Second Paradigm, we call this "the conflict between body and soul."

Body, we define as all of our biological hardware and programming.


This includes all of the past evolutionary programming that’s been handed down from generation after generation for what we need to survive and reproduce.

This also includes the sum of all of our personal experiences that have created a fabric of stories and ideas of how our world works and who we need to be in order to be fully taken care of and supported within it.


Soul, on the other hand, is the piece of us that is deeply attached to our own divine wisdom and truth.


Our unique set of values as a soul, and all of the intuitive knowing and wisdom that we have access to, bubbles up within us through this aspect of self.


Often, body and soul are radically different in their values and perspectives.


Soul is entirely untouched by the stories of our past and the narratives of our culture.


It's the purest and truest expression of ourselves.

So in periods of time where we’re deeply worried about money, our soul is showing us a path that’s entirely possible for us, but that our body believes we’re entirely incapable of being and embodying.

Our bodies believe that if we were to become that, and do that, we’d lose our ability to survive and to be a functioning part of society.


It believes it’s far to deviant and far too out there to be accepted by the world around us.

Soul, on the other hand, has access to many factors that we can’t see on “the ground floor.”


So our process as spiritual individuals and soul-aligned entrepreneurs is to be able to trust our soul’s higher perspective over our body’s limited perspective.

It’s in the periods of time where we're most worried about money, that the most limiting aspects of this societal idea become highlighted—all for the purpose of being liberated from it.


The Idea of Money


Money is an idea of our own creation.


At the beginning of this Earth, money simply didn’t exist.


For some this is an obvious concept—but it’s one worth mentioning.


Money was created from a very different perspective. It’s neither a spiritual idea, nor a philosophical one.


It is a tool that we’ve used to be able to exchange value with others, but one that was built out of an old, “First Paradigm” perspective that we are separate from everything around us.

We’re quickly learning today, that we’re intricately connected to everything and everyone around us.


Our decisions affect the larger world, and for any one of us to thrive, we must all thrive.

We're not separate from our families, communities, countries, or even the larger ecosystem.

And from a spiritual perspective, we’re even more deeply connected—intricately interwoven in a larger web of consciousness.


As we awaken to these new ideas and perspectives, the way we relate to money gets to change.


Even though this is an idea rooted in perspectives that are fundamentally untrue, soul has the ability to engage with what’s here, without losing the purity of what we’re actually here to do and be.

What Soul is Asking of Us


Soul recognizes that the greatest thing we could possibly bring to this planet is freedom from our collective limitations.

When we break free from the many characters and roles we’ve all held ourselves to playing, we gain the ability to bring something truly novel and unique to the world.

These incredible downloads that spiritual entrepreneurs have been getting for years, get to be fully brought and integrated into the world around us.

This doesn’t happen by cramming ourselves into these boxes of old, but by finding ways to bring that purest expression forward—despite all of the reasons why our bodies believe we cannot.


This is the context and perspective from which this incredibly simple truth about money emerges:

“Since money is an exchange of value, the way to begin working ourselves out of periods of financial hardship, is to begin tripling down on the most valuable asset we have: our own unique expression.”


The process of doing this, first includes our own liberation.


We call this "Deprogramming."

It feels as though we have an endless set of obligations and to-do's, but the truth within all of this is that all of the things we think we need to do in order to survive and thrive are fundamentally untrue.


All that our soul is asking of us is to allow our deepest intuitive knowing and truths to run the show.


Periods of financial hardship and challenges with money are here to show us, through our own physical experience, that money is not the limiter of our expansion.


As we continue to follow these paths forward, it becomes more and more obvious that our soul has been guiding us into more expanded realities all this time.


Our only limitations have been all of the reasons why we "cannot" be the fullest and truest expression of ourselves.

Periods of financial hardship are not here to test us, or to stack on even more obligation and to-do list items, but to liberate us from these ideas entirely.


The Way Out


The way out is to trust more of our soul’s guidance, not less.


The way out is to become even more of ourselves, not cramming ourselves into boxes and roles that have nothing to do with who we're here to be.

The truth is, we are always taken care of.


These circumstances are here to show us just how taken care of we really are, even when our body believes we are heading for certain doom.


Our soul asks us to look biological certain doom in the face and say, “I don’t believe you.”


In doing that, we go through a process of deprogramming our bodies' misconceptions about reality—and learning to promote our souls to CEO of our lives and businesses.

When we let soul run the show, we begin to unlock and find new pathways that we previously thought impossible.

Our souls will continue to leave breadcrumb after breadcrumb for us to become the truest expression of ourselves.


Ultimately, all we are here to do is to become our purest and truest expression in physical form.


That happens, not by cramming ourselves into the old structures that are already here, but by allowing ourselves to be with the tension of all of our body’s fears, doubts, and uncertainties, but continuing to believe and prioritize our soul’s truth above all of them.

In doing this, we find a sense of peace and alignment that’s not possible through these old strategies and ways of being.

When our fears are no longer running the show, reality no longer needs to serve us challenges in order to liberate ourselves from them.

We move into greater states of abundance, piece by piece, into a natural expansion through time.

This distinction of body and soul can help us to continue to stay on path, even when the internal process is extremely convincing and confronting.


This is not an emotionally easy path forward.


But it is the quickest one.

Because ultimately, what all of us are here to do is to become ourselves—fully liberated from what we think we have to be—and fully expressed as what we truly are.

You can learn more in our Second Paradigm Money Mini-Course—including the full doc and 3 hours of recorded teachings.


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Second Paradigm Money A Spiritual Perspe

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These ideas were taken from our channeled document, “Money: A Second Paradigm Perspective."

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