Guided 432hz Meditation:

Oversoul Orientation

This is a highly potent guided meditation from B on the Oversoul connection.

This meditation helps to put you in touch with your connection to your Oversoul and intuition, and to do it in a safe and stable way—always moving toward more of yourself.

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Messages + Intentions:

If you're exploring your intuitive gifts and getting in contact with energies of any kind for guidance, this is a must have meditation:

  • How to get in contact with your Oversoul.


  • How to ensure any energies that are coming in are for your highest.


  • Life's purpose, and your role here on Earth, and how your Oversoul connection helps with that.


  • Navigating etheric and psychic protection with a stable, lasting connection.

This is a meditation that you can listen to dozens of times for continual support in opening a stable, safe, and genuinely helpful soul guidance system.

Oversoul Orientation:

Download Now: $11.00

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