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3 Spiritual Ideas that Create More Harm than Good

When spiritual ideals start causing more harm than good, can we find it within ourselves to let them go?

In every one of the ideas we’re about to discuss, there are aspects of Truth—with a capital T.

There are also half-truths that are little more than the end result of a long game of telephone, remnants of old spiritual paradigms, and even a blatant twisting of Truth for personal gain.

If we can parse through these ideas and separate out Truth from mistruth, we can let go of the ideas that may have gotten us this far, but struggle to move us any further along this path of becoming who and what we really came here to be.

Let’s dive in.

1. Manifestation

It’s true that if we’re overly attached to an idea about our life (like believing the only way to create abundance for ourselves is through brute force), we’re bound to be falsely limited in our choices.

For seeing through these initial limiting perspectives, manifestation is a God-send.

But at some point, we have to be able to put down the shovel and stop critiquing our every last thought and feeling.

Taken to its extremes, manifestation can encourage us to ignore our choices and focus, instead, on cultivating a positive outlook.

If we spend too much time monitoring our thoughts and emotions, we set up an inner dictatorship that demands so much of us, that it’s perhaps even more limiting than where we started.