• David Hrostoski

You’re Simply Ahead of Your Time

In a world that doesn’t value intuition, making decisions intuitively can be difficult.

Walking that path can feel crazy and wrong—not because it is, but because it’s uncommon. What’s uncommon is rarely affirmed, and what we do without affirmation can be uniquely challenging.

This might sound bold at first glance, but if you trust your intuition to any degree, we call you “The Cutting Edge.”

You’re ahead, not behind.

That being said, if you’ve been around the spiritual industry for any extended amount of time, chances are you feel anything but ahead.

Is it any wonder that spiritual people feel that way?

Some of the most common spiritual teachings encourage us to heal our trauma, shift our limiting beliefs, and raise our vibrations. In other words, for us to progress, we have to fix a deficiency.

It’s as if the very path itself creates insecurity as much as it does clarity and moments of revelation.

We’re told in a roundabout way that there’s something wrong with us. That’s why we don’t feel good all the time, have unlimited resources, and endless feelings of love and connection. It’s our thoughts, our beliefs, our trauma—our problem.

Except, the spiritual world has it all wrong.

You aren’t deficient, so no amount of healing will create wholeness.

You’re already whole.

You’re simply ahead of your time.

This can sound almost too good to be true… that is, until you really think it through.

As spiritually-minded people, we already know that no amount of money will make us feel complete. No societal admiration, no material possession, no number of likes, no fancy titles or certifications—none of these traditional means will make us feel the way we’ve been craving to feel.

We know that, so we can never fully bring ourselves to chase those things.

We know that what we truly crave is deep communion with our truest selves, and we’ve already prioritized that journey above every other pursuit.

That, in itself, means we’re ahead—perhaps not by those external metrics, but certainly by “time saved.”

Think about it.

We know what’s at the end of chasing our adolescent desires—they’re hollow. What we’ve chosen to do, instead, is walk into entirely new territory. We’ve pioneered our way into a whole new inner terrain.

We‘ve had “aha” moments that countless others only describe from their deathbeds—except, we’ve had those realizations with plenty of life left to spare.

We have the ability to do something new, beyond those hollow pursuits.

It’s an opportunity that few get.

Spiritual teachings might point us toward filling a deficiency we don’t actually have—endless healing. But for what?

Frankly, it’s a waste of time. We’re already ahead.

You may not find external affirmation on this path, but that doesn’t mean you‘re missing the mark.

Opting out of hollow pursuits is not a deficiency—it’s time saved.

You are not behind.

You’re simply ahead of your time.

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