• David Hrostoski

Another Perspective on Alex Jones

Alex Jones is easily one of the top 5 most polarizing figures of our time.

After amassing a huge following on YouTube and elsewhere, Alex was the first major public figure to be systematically wiped from all major social media networks: Apple, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, Twitter.

By some, he’s called a Conspiracy Theorist, a Trump Supporter, a crazy person, or a liar; and at the same time, he’s held by others as one of the only sources of real truth, a lifelong warrior in the battle against the global elite, and a honest big hearted God-fearing leader.

To this day, he broadcasts a 3 hour live show on his website, InfoWars, 6 days a week.

Rather than rehash his major sources of controversy, I want to unpack a bit of what I see Alex Jones standing for and the perspective he seems to be coming from.

By unpacking Alex’s perspective, I’ll then try to loop this conversation back around to a larger divide in our collective thought right now that’s incredibly relevant for every spiritual person in 2020.

I first heard about Alex Jones through the Joe Rogan Experience in February of 2019.

After hearing just a few minutes of him speak, I was both thoroughly entertained and deeply curious about his perspective.

In his 2 interviews on JRE (which I binged that same night, into the next morning) Alex spoke about “The Globalists,” and threw out some the wildest ideas I’d ever heard.

At the same time, after each “pull that up Jamie,” came some sort of confirmation of what Alex was saying. It wasn’t always the full picture or entirely convincing, but it was sure enough to move the needle toward “maybe possible.”

After all, it’s hard to take someone at face value who loudly screams things like, “They’re keeping babies alive and taking their organs! . . . They’re killing already born babies!” but as with many other “conspiracy theorists,” he had articles and generally accepted facts to back what he was saying.

But out of the 8 hours and 23 minutes I watched that night (they’re LONG), one topic stuck out to me the most:

His reality context—what he believes reality is and what we’re doing in it.

One of the biggest things I see missing from many public figures today is a deep and thorough reality context.

Most ideas about reality stop short of being useful in day-to-day life. They tend to be more about relieving existential tension than genuinely exploring the nature of reality as is both physically observable and spiritually experienced.

We have a huge array of specialists in every field, but there are very few people I’ve heard speaking to what they believe we’re all doing here, more broadly, and how that fits into why they do what they do.

This is a bit of Alex’s reality context, pulled from the Joe Rogan Experience:

“Humanity has free will and there’s a decision to which level we want to go to. We have free will so evil is allowed to come and contend, and it’s not just good.”

“From the Tibetans to the Mezoamericans to Egyptians to the Druids, every ancient society describes the same thing. There are bad things that look like Elves that have horns, when they show you who they really are. And there are good things but they don’t contact you unless you contact them.”

“God, and his angels which are below him, will not get involved in your everyday life. They will not manipulate your free will unless you ask them in. But then the Devil masquerades as an Angel of Light.”

Here’s the full clip (9:24):


He went on to describe reality as a comet, with Light as the comet itself and dark as the tail trailing off behind it.

His description of dark trying to work its way into the Light and overtake it really stuck with me.

Though it’s not my exact reality context, there are undeniable parallels to our work at The Second Paradigm.

Miriam and I constantly teach to prioritize your own connection to divinity over the quick and easy paths. Because a soul-aligned life is built through time and physical experience of divinity guiding us through our circumstances.

But even outside of how similar his context was to my own, when I could see where he was coming from, I could pop in for one of his live shows and understand why he was so focused on the global elites and the unmasking of corruption on the planet.

To Alex, he works every day to spread his message as far and wide as possible to restore the reality of free will in the population and pop through the manipulation of darker forces in a grand divine play.

When I look at “Alex Jones,” the way the world widely perceives him, I can’t help but come back to this same idea of reality contexts.

For someone who sees the world as a huge ball of chance, and life as a series of obligations to financially get by, what Alex says challenges the very core of that reality context. To believe Alex would require a drastic shift in perspective about what this world even is to begin with.

But for someone who already sees the world as a battle between Light and Dark for the future of our civilization, what Alex says cleanly fits into the larger reality context and is actually highly motivating.

Miriam and I often talk about Alex from the perspective of “Radiating Your Essence Out into the World.”

To us, becoming and radiating our soul’s essence is our core mission on the planet.

So when I see Alex screaming, letting himself get angry, and yelling, “I’m coming for you globalists!,” I see him bringing something really unique to the planet.

He’s far more passionate than the average broadcaster would even let himself get in private, let alone on air.

That passion gives blanket permission to acknowledge (and integrate) the pieces of us that feel angry and passionate about the corruption in the world.

Especially for a spiritually minded person, where compassion is far easier than outspoken rage, Alex is a continual stream of researched information on the potential real-time agendas of corruption, right alongside the permission slip to be angry about it and actively choose something else for ourselves and the world.

From this perspective, his show isn’t even about the specific people, specific organizations, or specific events taking place. It’s about constantly pointing to the underlying trends illuminating that larger reality context and restoring humanity’s free will to choose the Light.

Can you see why I’m not as interested in the specific controversies?

This is why, personally, I have a lot of love and admiration for Alex.

It’s not because I share his exact perspectives, because I want to be like him, or because I believe every single thing that gets broadcasted on his network.

It’s because I see him playing a very specific role that, from my own reality context, is incredibly helpful.

And, maybe even more so, because I see him being himself in the world at a time where echoing one of two narratives of the national political debate is a far more common “personal” embodiment.

Is Alex Jones perfect, all knowing, and all wise?

Of course not. Who is?

But is he playing his role with immense courage, with Light and Truth at the core of his messages and choices?

I can’t see how he isn’t.

Alex Jones is a remarkable case study about how drastically different reality contexts can lead to huge controversy, even for someone who, from his perspective, has dedicated his entire life to speaking out about corruption and guiding people back to their free will and the Light.

But maybe more significant is how he’s responded to that pushback by continuing to broadcast 6 days a week and step even further into his message and passion.

At least from my own reality context—where the purpose of life is to embody yourself as the soul and radiate that essence out into the world—Alex Jones is doing exactly what he’s here to do.

That, I can’t help but admire.

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