• Miriam Wagoner

Connection Attempts

I just sent this to our 2:1 clients:

I told David last night I felt like I was cheating on you two if I engaging with people in the DMs. It feels like all my bandwidth needs to come back this way. Toward you two who are ACTUALLY doing the real fucking work.

Not just DMing me for a quick dose of truth or “okay ness” 🤣 anus 🤣

But seriously. That’s what people do in there. They create a connection via reel or pretty flowers or whatever and then they tell me all about their life.

And then I tell them they’re doing great. And sounds like they just need to keep trusting themselves.

But what’s fucking crazy is they’re not doing great!

There’s no room to say anything real… because it’s the fucking IG DMs. There’s no space for actual real hard hitting truth.


It’s just true. All I can give you is a pat on the head. IG DMs isn’t the place where my work happens. It’s not the place where true transformation happens.

Hopefully this helps if you’re feeling similar about your DMs. Just stop. Let em go. You don’t owe anyone anything.

It’s a hook. It’s what IG wants. It keeps you on the app longer. Anyone and everyone on the planet has the ability to reach you at anytime!

It’s encouraged to engage with people on here. It’s all by design.

As I continue to untangle from the collective field, I can see all the places I was still stuck. Doing things bec “well that’s just what you do.” “It’s good for business” “don’t be an asshole, talk to everyone!”

But no. The whole reason I came back in this platform was to gather people that resonate with what I’m saying. To gather those of you that want to be a part of The Second Paradigm. That’s it.

That was the clear directive from God.

So I’m here until I’m not.

It’s pretty plain and simple.

I have nothing to prove. I don’t have any relationships to maintain. I’m here to post and share and call bullshit.

People cannot just have unlimited access to me. Isn’t that weird that people have unlimited access to you? And isn’t it weird that the red dot, to signify unread messages, manipulates your biology?!

Yuck. No thank you.

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