• Miriam Wagoner

Day 3

So I did peek on IG this morning. I did it from my phone without the app and it was hard to navigate. I read one thing about the WAP music video and hopped off. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Now I’ve been on the search for a hairstylist on thumbtack. I’ve reached out to salons and they won’t take people without masks, unless you’re hearing impaired.

It’s funny. I keep thinking “Miriam it would be easier to just wear a mask and get what you want.”

But what I want isn’t worth it to me. I know the haircut will work out when it’s time. Until then I’m going to keep standing in my truth.

David’s currently in the post office, while I sit in the car and write to you.

He’s sorting out all of our mail issues. We’ve had so many change of addresses this year. Seattlex3, Austin, Denver, Tucsonx2.

This house we’re currently in is listed as “vacant” by the owners, so our USPS boxes have been getting kicked back to the sender.

My “acquiescing is for bitches” shirt is going to get bounced back and I’m not happy about it! 🙄

There’s nothing that makes you more human than engaging with all of this wonky human things. Haircuts and mail.

We got our usual Dutch Bro’s coffee - it’s the one thing I look forward to everyday! I love the human connection. We chatted with Maggie today. She’s my favorite! 🤫 don’t tell Noah and CP! 😉

The other day Maggie asked us what color we would be - that day, I said I’d be coral and David said he was teal. Maggie said she’s always “hot pink” and I said “ya you are!” 😂 I loved that question and I love that she knows exactly what color she is!

It satisfied my AOT self 🤩

We have a live teaching today for our VIP community and our very first VIP+ call, which feels really good!

Oh! My dream last night. I was pregnant! I’ve never had a pregnant dream! I had some light spotting in the dream and was worried that I was going to miscarry. I went to the doctor and asked him if he was a “vaxx pusher”. He said he wasn’t, but his office was decked out in toys for kids with autism. I left!

I also got my hair cut 💇🏻‍♀️ at the end!

The baby ended up being fine and I stayed pregnant.

So strange!

Do you like knowing my dreams?

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