• Miriam Wagoner

Day 5

Updated: Sep 4

Good morning!

I walked 2.66 miles today. It was so hot! 90° at 8am! I called my mom to get her thoughts on Biden and Harris 😂 she said “oh this is all just a mess”

She’s not wrong.

I talked to her about the anti human agenda... she said “anti what?!”

Yup, mom. Anti human.

David and I talked about it on our latest pod. It felt bold and ballsy. But also just freaking true. It feels so clear when you see it.

To me it’s even more important to be human. It’s like doubling down on all the things that make us so uniquely us! You know, things like paying car insurance and using your intuition to navigate the world. 🤩

The YL call went well yesterday. She’s all set up with her starter kit!

David and I also chatted with a new friend of The Second Paradigm. Shout out Chelsea!

It’s really fucking helpful to hear how impactful this work is. Sometimes we question it all and really wonder if we’re on the pulse of something over here. So getting reflections of how this work has helped others, is just really special.

I was making my smoothie this morning thinking about how my life is just so wonderful. I spend most of my time resting, thinking, chatting, resting, more resting.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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