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Every Sales Page Ever

What sales page psychology sounds like when you just say it like it is.

1. Attention Grabbing Headline

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The point of the headline is to make a promise big enough to make it worthwhile for you to stop what you’re doing and keep reading.

Sometimes, you’ll see a sub-headline to clarify or add to what was said in the headline.

But it’s meant to be simple, direct, and most of all captivating. Top marketers will often write 100 headlines to find the most compelling one, and then test 2-5 versions of the same page to see what actually works the best, in practice.

If it works like it’s designed to, you keep reading.

2. Emotional Manipulation

Any good marketer knows that emotion sells more than facts.

In a well-crafted sales page, the headline hooks, but it’s this very next section that starts selling you through a highly intentional emotional arc.

First: Pain

“If you’re not making at least one high-ticket sale every week, you’re missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pocket.”