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Introducing: intuitionOS Self-Study Course

“Intuition is the most powerful decision making force in existence.”

For over five years now, we’ve been exploring the subtleties of living an intuitive life. For over three, we’ve been working together to bring those subtleties into a body of work we can truly be proud of.

For most of our adult lives, we were disillusioned with modern spirituality. New Age thought work, trauma healing, and manifestation simply wasn’t enough to offer us the clarity and understanding we were seeking.

So we kept seeking, and seeking, and seeking—until we finally realized the answers just weren’t out there.

We weren’t going to find satisfying answers about the nature of reality and how to live a deeply intuitive life, because it was ours to do.

There really hasn’t been a single moment since that we’ve “turned around” to build bridges, or help people to understand what we were doing.

We had a small group of people who already “got it,” and we focused entirely on nurturing those relationships and pushing the far edges of our work.

How do you settle into Peace, when your bank account trends toward zero? How about when the world loses its mind overnight? How do you trust your intuition even when your own biology is pumping out cortisol, your shoulders are tense, your jaw is clenched, and you can’t help but think you’ve simply lost your mind?

I’m sure we looked crazy to the friends and family we slowly drifted from. I could almost audibly hear their critiques: “How can you possibly live an intuitive life with things as practical as money, business, and marketing? Where is your structure?”

Frankly, it was alright. Because, to us, they looked just as crazy. How can you not rely on your intuiton for things as consequential as business, marketing, and money? These are the things people use most to rationalize selling their soul, and turning their backs on Light altogether.

We were relentless in our work and focused on little else. We moved across the country multiple times when our intuition guided us to, built what we were guided to build, charged what we were intuitively guided to charge, and we filmed, wrote, and spoke what we were guided to bring through.

Today, more than ever, we know exactly where this path goes. We can say without a shadow of a doubt, that no matter what any spiritual mentor might try to rationalize, you can indeed live entirely from your intuition—never leaving your Peace for any reason, ever again.

There is no practicality, no situation, in which intuition falls short of logic. It’s always—always—the other way around.

Intuition is the most powerful decision making force in existence.

We don’t just teach that. We live by it every single day, and we’ve bet the whole of our lives and careers on that truth.

Now, as we revel in that “bet” paying dividends of Peace, deep knowing, and a sense of purpose no other spiritual philosophy ever came close to offering, it’s time to “turn around,” and build that bridge.

intuitionOS is our flagship course that‘s designed to lay the foundation for this entire body of work.

All of our channeled docs, videos, podcasts, and more, sit on these foundational teachings:

  1. Body vs. Soul

  2. Peace

  3. Rulesets

  4. What’s Here

If you're relatively new to our work, this is one of the best possible places you could land.

This course is an introductory look at what makes The Second Paradigm and intuition as an operating system tick.

Alongside those four sections with in-depth discussions, we also included our very first physical “digest”—a 56-page companion booklet, mailed to your home.

It’s become increasingly important to us to create physical goods, on top of being an online spiritual education company. This is a small step in that increasingly important direction.

We’re deeply excited to be able to share this body of work in such a digestible format, and to finally be able to look up, turn around, and report back our “findings:”

Intuition truly does work.

All of those inner fears that say life is going to fall apart, money is going to evaporate, and we’ll soon end up under a bridge with nothing if we trust our intuition?

They’re wrong.

This path truly goes somewhere—to a place of Eternal Peace, where we‘re impenetrable to the demands and manipulations of the world around us—a place where we truly get to be ourselves.

If you’re new here, welcome to The Second Paradigm.

We hope you find exactly what you’ve been looking for, and we’re happy to finally be able to offer you a comprehensive place to start.

To learn more, here’s the link to the intuitionOS Self-Study Course.

We’d love to see you there. 🤍

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