• David Hrostoski

Intuitive Truthers: You're Not Alone, You're Not Crazy

A video for those deep down the rabbit hole this year—led not by propaganda, but by intuition.

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The year 2020 created more “conspiracy theorists” than any other year in recent history.

More than ever, people have the feeling that something is truly “off” here—and they’re spending hundreds of hours doing their own research to make sense of it all.

There are dozens of things we can say here that would risk getting this video shadowbanned or censored, or getting this whole page taken down entirely.

So instead of telling you what you already know about the world, let’s talk about what to DO about it.

In intuitionOS, we talked about intuition being the most powerful decision making force in existence.

Many spiritual people have not only discovered this in some ancient text, but have lived the experience of this being true.

Intuition is deeply powerful.

Which is why when we’ve gone down these many rabbit holes ourselves, we fall back on our intuition to help us sort through the endless waves of information.

Truth hits. It always has and always will.

If you’re on the same pulse as we are, you know just how manipulative and biased the media can be. And we’ve all had the experience of exploring certain pockets of alternative media and finding a different, but equally biased, piece of information.

Where is that truth that hits?

Perhaps the only way we can truly make sense of this world is intuitively.

When we let our intuitive connection take us down the rabbit holes we’re most guided to explore, we find exactly what we need to see and hear.

Piece by piece, we put together a larger picture.

We start to make sense of the world.

But then what?

We weren’t guided down this path for no reason. Soul doesn’t make mistakes.

There’s a really unique journey here that we want to put words to.

So let’s do it.

There’s a percentage of this population that’s waking up to what we call intuitionOS, a whole new operating system for existence that runs on our connection to divinity, not on Logic alone.

Many of these individuals have been oddly called to go down these rabbit holes and learn about the world in a whole new way.

If this is you, you know that it’s uncomfortable, challenging to be with, and even a bit destabilizing—but you also know it’s somehow vital to everything you’re here to do and be.

At The Second Paradigm, we call this a Global Education.

But this isn’t a typical Global Education. This exploration is entirely guided by intuition, integrated with our spiritual understanding. If you’ve been around our work for a while, you know just how unique this trajectory is.

Using logic alone, it’s easy to go down rabbit holes of dis and misinformation. It’s easy to rationalize away all the evidence of corruption, and to avoid the uncomfortable truths.

It’s why most people who are presented with these same pieces of information, just move along like nothing happened.

But when this exploration happens intuitively, you’re put face-to-face with the most important thing for you to see in that moment.

No matter how uncomfortable it might be, you know you’re meant to see it—and you keep going until you do.

There, beyond the discomfort and mental rationalizations, you find the next piece to the puzzle.

It’s as if divinity itself is walking you through this education, showing you the larger truth behind every rabbit hole.

Not only do you end up with a clearer picture, you find the things that are most important for you, specifically, to know.

This journey isn’t about solving all the worlds problems and uncovering every last bit of corruption on the planet.

This journey is personal, and customized just for you, by Soul through your intuition.

You’re seeing exactly what you need to see to become who you’re truly meant to be in this world.

If you’re an intuitive spiritually minded person that’s spent the last year exploring corruption, both historically and present day, more than ever, it’s important to remember what got you here.

It wasn’t any single piece of information or any one person online, but a huge web of intricate exploration, all intuitively guided.

Soul got you here.

And the same soul nudges that got you into this, are going to continue to nudge you forward into your own personal role within all of it

What we need, more than ever, isn’t some manic action to solve all the world’s problems, but a fortification of our own trust in ourselves.

Building that inner fortification is something we’re deeply passionate about. It’s what we’ve spent the last 4 years getting really good at.

Here’s some things that are really important to remember in all of this:

One: You’re Not Alone.

How many people have you told about the rabbit holes you’ve gone down?

One? Two? Five? Twelve?

It can feel like we’re in our own silo, completely disjointed from the consensus narrative—and everyone who somehow still believes it.

There are hundreds of realizations and connections to make, just to come to the simplest of stances you now have.

How could you possibly share all of that in one post, one conversation?

With even our most spiritual friends bending to woke culture and the latest media narrative, it can feel like we’re completely alone out here—just us and a handful of people who really “get it.”

And when we do share our perspectives, we’re often met with pushback and anger that only deepens that fear of being alone.

But you’re not alone in what you know, you’re just on a rapid trajectory through an accelerated education by Soul.

Things are changing. You are changing.

You’re becoming more of you.

As you do, people will certainly orbit out. But that doesn’t mean you’re destined to be forever alone.

You’re not alone.

You’re just in the space in between two realities, navigating the social pressures to stay the same while your soul beckons you forward into an entirely new perspective and an entirely new life on the other side.

Just like every other time you’ve taken an intuitive leap, there’s always life on the other side.

Two: You’re Not Crazy.

This is a big one.

So much so, that we have a 35 page document at thesecondparadigm.com that unpacks this in detail. It’s free, right on the homepage, and you can check it out later if you feel called to.

But for now, let’s just hit some key points.

You’re not crazy, you’re different.

At some point, we have to be able to see that the thing that makes us different is also the very thing we came here to bring to this world.

We didn’t come here to be the same as everyone else and to fit in. We came here to bring something new—something Light and True—to this world.

You’re only here, where you are today, because you listened to your Soul.

And you’re only different, because that’s not the norm here.

There is a massive psychological manipulation taking place here on this planet, and a huge effort to disconnect us from that deep inner wisdom and our own personal connection to divinity.

Somehow, you overcame this and found your way back to yourself as the soul.

The feeling of crazy, is really just a feeling of deviance. Yes, you’re different. Yes, your body is evolutionarily hardwired to fall back in line for your security and safety.

But we’re not here to fall in line with what’s already here.

You’re here to be you.

You’re here to be different.

And here, after more than a year of a deep dissection of the huge web of corruption that runs through the very structure of our civilization, you have the opportunity to see that more than ever.

You have the opportunity to see who you really are, and why you’re really here.

You are here to be different, because you are here to be Light.

You’ve seen where we really are and that darkness exists here.

And that’s the very reason WHY you are here.

This entire exploration, all of the hours of research, all the digging and intuitive exploration—it’s to show you what you’re up against—the very reason why you’re here to bring Light to this planet in the first place.

Your difference doesn’t make you crazy.

Your difference is your life’s mission and purpose staring you in the eyes.

We hope these reminders help you to fortify your inner knowing that you’re on the right track.

You’re not alone, and you’re not crazy.

Keep going.

Now, we come back to that big question. If I’m not alone and I’m not crazy, what do I do with all of this?

What now?

Now, we triple down on what got us here.

This education has never been about finding new problems to solve. It’s about putting together the pieces that help us understand what we’re here to do, personally.

Who we truly are, as the Soul, not as the body that’s easily manipulated by the media and anyone else with a basic understanding of human psychology.

Light inevitably wins this big game we’re all playing here.

And it does that, piece by piece, through people like you.

Soul doesn’t make mistakes.

You don’t have the perspectives you by chance.

You’re becoming something entirely new in this world, and the intuition that got you here is the same force that’s going to get you all the way to the fulfillment of your life’s mission and purpose on this planet.

In the meantime, we get to settle back into Peace, find our center, continue our intuitive exploration, and start to find like minded people to help us fortify our trust in ourselves.

If this video speaks to you, we consider you to be right on the pulse of something really important for this planet.

And we want to do everything we mentioned here in this video, alongside other people who are doing the same.

We want to fill our lives with Intuitive Truthers and Soul-Aligned Patriots, those on this very pulse.

We just opened a new tier in our membership called Intuitive Truthers.

We’re continuing this conversation and coming together in community, through a group Telegram chat, and in a live monthly hangout every 1st Thursday on Zoom.

There, we’ll be sharing all of the things we can’t say here, and we’ll be creating space for others to do the same.

Together, we want to uncover those deeper truths about our world, and fortify our ability to speak our truth boldly and proudly, as we step more deeply into our life’s mission and purpose.

Visit thesecondparadigm.com, and right on the homepage, you’ll find two things: that 35-page doc called “You’re Not Crazy” for free, and a link to join us on our next call in Intuitive Truthers.

This isn’t about us teaching you who to be or how to think—it’s about building a community where everyone gets to refine their own truth and become who they are.

Where everyone can freely and proudly proclaim:

“I am an intuitive truther, and though I’ve been down more rabbit holes than I can count...”

“I’m not crazy, and I’m certainly not alone.”

“So, I’m going to trust myself, trust my intuition, trust my soul and divinity, and become everything I’m here to be in this world.”

Intuitive Truthers by The Second Paradigm

Keep going, Keep Trusting, and Welcome Home.

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