• David Hrostoski

“Is This Offering a Good Fit for Me?”

How to intuitively know when it’s here (and time) to join a course or program—and when it’s not.

At The Second Paradigm, we run our courses and programs on soul alignment.

We purposely leave out a lot of industry standard marketing tactics meant to “increase conversion rates”—AKA manipulate and sway decision making.

Instead, you may hear us say things like “Check in with yourself, and see if this is here for you.”

But what does that mean, exactly?

And how does that translate, not just to Second Paradigm courses and programs, but to every course, program, or product you might come across?

By the end of this article, you’ll understand exactly how we make these kinds of decisions for ourselves at The Second Paradigm, and how to find that kind of deep soul clarity for yourself.

This understanding is what can help us to make genuinely sovereign decisions as consumers, even in a marketplace that’s so often designed to make those decisions for us.

1. The Intelligence of a Course/Program

This article isn’t going to be for everyone. I’m going to get into some energetic subtleties here that may not fully track for some. That’s okay.

But if you’ve been exploring your intuition for a while, this is important to understand. You have unique access to a clear window right into the heart of the products and services on the market.

Every new product, course, or program has an intelligence behind it.

Sometimes, that intelligence is simple. It’s crafted logically, follows a template, and there isn’t much to it. It’s a collection of information gathered from various sources and presented in a shiny new box.

But other times, that intelligence is a living, breathing energetic field.

In these cases, the person or company translated that “idea” from a complex energetic, into a tangible product or service.

With your intuition, you have the ability to feel into that intelligence.

What you feel from the intelligence of that product or service is far more important than how the marketing is worded, or if there’s a countdown timer that makes you feel like you’re going to miss out.

Marketing will show you what the company wants to present.

Divinity will show you what it really is.

2. Is this In Sync with My Lifepath?

As an intuitive person, you don’t just have access to the intelligence of a product or service. You also have access to whether or not that offering is in sync with your lifepath.

This is why feeling into the intelligence of an offering is so important.

Marketing can make you feel like that offering is not only relevant, but urgent! It’s a manipulation of your emotion, to manipulate your conscious decision making process.

Your intuition can’t be swayed as easily as your biology.

There are a handful of skills that may be relevant for you to learn… at some point, but are they relevant now?

What’s most important in this very chapter of your life? What’s actually here for you, as illuminated by the full power and foresight of divinity?

No sales page or product info sheet can truly tell you this. Only your intuitive connection can tell you whether something is directly in sync with your lifepath.

Truthfully, most things we come across aren’t relevant right now.

When we know that, we aren’t so easily swayed off path by every emotionally compelling message we come across.

Then, when we do get that direct “yes” from our intuition? It’s even more notable.

That kind of “green light” from divinity is worth listening to. That’s the same inner voice that cannot be manipulated, and has an immense understanding of what’s most beneficial for us.

3. Know That Marketing Manipulates

Maybe in an ideal world, every offering from every company would come across our awareness with no strings attached. We’d be sovereign in our choices.

But, here, that’s just not the case.

Marketing manipulates. It’s just a fact of life.

That can be a bit sad to really come to terms with. It can be a bit offputting to see one of our favorite brands or public figures turning to fear-based marketing to make a quick buck.

But once we get over the hump of everything suddenly looking worse (when nothing has really changed but our awareness of it), we come to a place of greater solidity.

Now that we know, we can fortify ourselves against it.

The only things that are truly important in your life are still there when you enter your Peace.

Read that back one more time:

The only things that are truly important in your life are still there when you enter your Peace.

When we’re in a shame spiral at 2am on Instagram? We’re going to end up down some marketing rabbit holes, and our decisions are anything but sovereign.

But what’s far less obvious is how manipulatable we are when we’re excited. When we’re overly excited, we’re quick to make decisions that have nothing to do with the present chapter of our lives.

So we end up with a new home workout rig that sits in our garage, a money manifestation course that we never finish, and a few weeks of spinning in circles before we come back to our center.

If something is really here for us, it’ll meet us in our Peace.

If we suddenly forget about that “urgent” sale the moment we take a breath and tune in with our intuition… then how important was it, really?

4. Just Ask!

Let’s put together some pieces here:

There’s an energetic intelligence to every course, product, or offering that we can intuitively access to peer through the marketing, to the heart of what’s actually being delivered.

We also have access to direct guidance through our intuition for whether or not something is genuinely “here” for us—whether it’s uniquely relevant to this chapter of life.

And if something is really here for us, it’ll still be there when we enter our Peace.

We can make up some complicated process here, but here’s the real protocol:

Just ask.

Take a moment to breathe and find your Peace.

Call in your Oversoul, and if you feel the need to calm down a bit, settle into meditation for as long as you need.

Then? Ask.

“What is this offering about?”

“What would I personally get from it?”

“Is this actually here and relevant for me?”

Any question you’d have for the company, you can directly ask your own divine connection.

The information you get back is uniquely relevant to you.

Trust that.

5. Logistics

Before we close out, it’s worth mentioning that even when we get guidance to do (or not do) something, there tend to be some emotional after effects.

“Okay, so this is clearly here for me. Wow. It’s all so clear. Thank you.”

*10 seconds later*

“I’m literally going to die if I spend a single dollar.”

Our emotion is easily manipulated, and it’s easily influenced by our every day life. Our biology can get spooked any time we can’t fully make sense of something.

That’s why we referenced our intuition in the first place.

But even once we have that clarity and direct guidance from divinity, we may still be just as scared and uncertain.

There’s a lot of sorting that can happen in this conflicted space. At The Second Paradigm, we’d actually call that your “Evolutionary Edge.”

Without cramming a whole course’s worth of information into a footnote, it’s worth understanding that the most precise and solid foundation for our decision making comes from our intuitive connection.

Every other internal mechanism we have is manipulatable—and, more often than not, already manipulated.

There’s a reason why we say, “Check in with yourself, and see if this is here for you.”

It’s because we’re not willing to play that game, just to coerce people into our offerings at a time when it’s not actually relevant for their lives.

Maybe someday, the marketplace will understand that and recalibrate for alignment over coercion.

But until then, hopefully you’ll have everything you need to make those decisions in a sovereign manner, no matter how it’s presented to you.


Intuitively, we can access the energetic intelligence behind every course, product, or offering. We can peer right into the heart of that offering, regardless of how it may be marketed.

Not only that, but we also have direct access to whether or not that intelligence is genuinely “here” for us—whether it’s uniquely relevant to this chapter of life.

If something is really here for us, it’ll still be there when we enter our Peace.

When it is, that’s notable.

We can access all of this, and more, just by slowing down, calling in Light, and asking:

“What’s here with this offering? Is it relevant for me?”

Our real-time personal connection to divinity is worth trusting. That’s the reclamation of our sovereignty.

After all, “Is this offering a good fit for me?” is not a question you ask a company.

It’s a question you ask yourself.

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