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  • Miriam Wagoner

Money + Freedom through Experience

I've been thinking about this a lot. Obviously, if I'm here writing about it.

I get on these kicks where I literally feel like a dog with a bone. Gnawing, chewing, devouring every last bit.

I need to know, I need to understand.

But I don’t need to understand cognitively, I need to understand internally. I need to feel the truth so I can finally move on… to my next chew toy - that is usually some other bullshit concept here in the dome.

I must admit David helps me immensely to understand cognitively, as I’m sure he’s personally helped you too!

The latest thing that just keeps coming in in layers is the ability to actually be free. It frustrates me to watch people’s entire livelihoods be dictated by numbers on a screen. Money.

We all know the feeling. Our nervous system does one thing or another when we see numbers on a screen. Entirely made up, by the way. We’ve attached so much meaning to those numbers that people spend their entire life acquiring as many numbers as possible so then someday they can rest and take it easy.

But the numbers aren’t real. They don’t actually mean anything. They’re there and then they’re not. They go up and they go down. We cannot allow our peace to be thrown around like a rag doll based on numbers.

We’re not even talking stacks of paper anymore or pouches of gold and silver coins. We’re literally talking about numbers on a screen.

When you make God real

When you make “I’m always supported and taken care of no matter what” real

When you have lived experiences that life has never bottomed out on you real

Things change. You’re actually free.

So many spiritual people are so worried about money, but that right there tells me they don’t actually know God.

For years I’ve asked people to go toe to toe with me about a time when they weren’t supported. No one has taken me up on the offer.

You can’t. You can’t tell me about a really hard time in your life and then tell me how unideal it was. With enough lived experience away from that trying time, you’re always going to say how it shaped you into who you are.

I often find that Light, God, Life uses money as a way to show us how taken care of we actually are, but it’s not through having a lot of it. It’s by having exactly what we need. No more. No Less. We always have enough money for our current reality configuration. If we want more and it’s not here yet, we just create unnecessary suffering.

We take to the streets of personal development. We think we should be manifesting better. We start scheduling our Money Love Dates on Mondays, because Mon-ey and Mon-day. We think we’re so creative and cute. We bought a latte and post pretty picture about how we’re overcoming our relationship to money.

What we’re really doing is trying to take matters into our own hands and make our current circumstances our own. We’re trying to control what God has ordained for us. We’re making God not real. We’re making ourselves wrong. Before we know it we’ve spiraled down into a rabbit hole of wrongness. Suddenly we realize it’s our Dad’s fault.

“That’s what’s wrong with me!”

It becomes a game of lineage blaming. Still missing the real and actual point.

That you’re already good. You’re supported and taken care of. You always have been. Nothing about your reality has changed. You’re sipping on your overpriced latte journaling to a piece of paper with satanic symbolism all over it.

How about we come back to what’s actually here?

You’re good. There’s nothing to do. There’s nothing to change. You’re already walking a path of light. More money will come in when it’s time to come in. No sooner. And no later. You won’t miss it. You can’t miss it.

Next time you’re looking at the numbers on the screen and you notice your nervous system get completely hijacked. Check in. Ask what’s actually here. Find your peace the best you can. Breathe. Know that nothing in your physical reality has changed. You’re still good. You’re safe. You’re taken care of. Not because of money, but because of your direct connection to God. Your intuitive access will guide you through.

The numbers will do whatever they need to do. I will spend my cabal tokens where I feel called to spend them. Sometimes my account goes into the negative. Sometimes it's positive. None if it matters. It’s one thing to get cognitively. It’s a whole other thing to understand through your lived experience and embodiment.


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