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Not Available

Historically I’ve prided myself on being available in the DMs.

She’s so friendly. She’s always down to chat. I have to tell Miriam this, she’s going to love it! Omg I totally thought of Miriam, I have to tell her. Oh this is so funny, I gotta send this reel to Miriam.

☝🏼 things I imagine people say. Things people actually think. Things people really do.

Something has been churning over here. Big time. I haven’t known what it is, but I’ve felt it for weeks.

This is funny, but I thought the big thing brewing was building a community garden in my moms condo complex 🤣

That was here for all of 1 day. And then it completely evaporated. It’s a great idea. It’s a HUGE undertaking. It’s a gigantic project.

So I thought “omg that must be what I’ve been feeling.”

Um… no. Not quite.