• David Hrostoski

Not Your Typical Spiritual Education Company

The Second Paradigm is a spiritual education company that helps make sense of soul.

To some, that might mean affirmations, gratitude journals, thought and belief work, breathwork, medicine journeys, chakras, sound baths, embodying king and queen archetypes, moon circles, alters, cacao ceremonies, sexual polarity, polyamory, astral travel, crystals, Lemuria and Atlantis, highly sensitive empaths, and a wide variety of other spiritual buzz words.

You might be surprised to know that we consider most of this to be entirely irrelevant to the spiritual journey.

In short, we’re not your typical spiritual education company.

We take a stance that shouldn’t be controversial, but is.

There’s nothing wrong with you.

And it’s not just you. The circumstances you’re in aren’t wrong either.

As a larger spiritual community, we’ve spent too many years trying to change ourselves and change our circumstances—all without ever stopping to ask if that’s actually helpful.

Where are we trying to get?

Why is it so appealing to leave our bodies, alter our state, and brainwash ourselves into gratitude and bliss? What’s so wrong with life, unaltered?

When we stop trying to alter our circumstances, we find an emotion that’s fairly uncommon these days—peace.

When we’re at peace, we’re thinking clearly. And even more importantly, we have clearer access to our own intuition.

Our intuition is the most powerful decision making force in existence.

That’s because our intuition is our direct line of access to divinity—the intelligence our ancestors called God.

Within the architecture of divinity is a unit of consciousness called the Oversoul.

At The Second Paradigm, we teach the subtleties of using our intuition and this connection to our Oversoul to find profound clarity on our lifepath.

What you won’t find in most of #spirituality is how smooth life can be when we settle into Peace and trust our intuiton.

Our Oversoul and this massive architecture of divinity are constantly orchestrating and calculating the ideal path forward. And here’s the kicker—that path always starts where we’re already at.

This is a radically simple path, because there’s nowhere to get.

Divinity meets us here—always.

And of course, right? Why would the most powerful force in existence offer us guidance that starts with manufactured bliss or is only accessible in an altered state? How useful would that be, really?

No, divinity meets us right where we’re already at—in these circumstances right here.

And that guidance leads us to a very predictable place.

It leads us into more of ourselves and away from everything we thought we had to be, had to achieve, or had to get.

Spiritual enlightenment can seem so complicated and unachievable.

But the reality is far simpler.

What it really requires is a willingness to trust ourselves, even when the spiritual “experts” weaponize our insecurities to make a quick buck.

We know very well what it feels like to be manipulated by spiritual concepts—to be endlessly deficient.

We also know that there’s a very clear and simple alternative.

We live it every day, and we teach it too.

We’re not your typical spiritual education company, and we’re deeply thankful to be able to say that.

There’s nothing wrong with you.

Keep Going, Keep Trusting, and Welcome Home.

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