• David Hrostoski

You’re Prepared.

There are a lot of people right now predicting collective catastrophe, and a lot of financial and other experts urging their audience to “prepare.”

Gold, silver, a diversified crypto portfolio, 6 months of storable food, propane, water filters, firearms and ammunition—this list is endless, really.

And while I don’t think financial diversification is a bad things by any means, I do find it important to take Light into consideration before allowing panic to drive our decision making processes.

More than ever, it’s important to remember that divinity, God, is real—and that in our modern era, we have a direct line of access to this benevolent force.

This divine organizational intelligence guides us into the ideal, through our intuition. It is an endless source of precisely relevant wisdom.

Our ancient traditions recognized that our safety and security were not ensured by our FICO score or the ROI on our digital assets, but by God.

In the modern age, we’ve been conditioned to see “God” as a fantasy or a coping mechanism, but regardless of the word we may use, those of us exploring spirituality in the pursuit of Light know this benevolent force exists.

Still, this divine force respects our free will to such a degree that it allows us our suffering and our countless reasons for taking manic action, if we so choose.

There is no punishment for deviating from Light—there is simply an open door to enter and exit the grace and wisdom of that inner intelligence as we so choose.

In these moments, where the world is outwardly feigning a smile while preparing frantically for economic and social collapse, it’s important to recognize that we’re far more connected than we might think.

It’s not just the “empaths” among us, but all of us that have a tether to the pulse of humanity’s collective state. We are all affected by it, whether we realize or care to admit it.

When the world moves into frenzy, it’s far easier to forget who we are and the skillset that we’ve developed as spiritual people—the door we’ve discovered.

It’s tempting to walk back out of this open door, in exchange for a hollow promise of safety and security, something that has never been as certain as we might have pretended it to be.

Truthfully, there is nothing that can ensure our safety outside of that adaptive intelligence that our ancestors knew as God.

That’s not a Bible quote, that’s the reality that we exist within, as made evident by our own internal experience that we cannot rationalize away no matter how hard we may try.

Our money can vanish tomorrow, our financial system can evaporate, but our connection to that adaptive intelligence can never be taken from us.

It is our birthright.

It is an open door that cannot be shut by any external force or circumstance.

There is nothing that can happen this week, or this year, that can take that connection away from us.

That connection, unlike the collective circumstance, is entirely our choice.

It is an open door.

As the collective panics, and cries out, “This is the end,” we can leave our Peace and our divine connection behind, or we can hold ourselves to it even more firmly.

I quite honestly feel deep sadness for those who have not already developed the capacity to trust themselves in that connection.

I have little to offer as help, in this moment, beyond what work Miriam and I have already done and put out.

But those of you here, for the most part, already know your intuition to be true and valid and have already frequented that open door and learned the many subtleties that lie within.

For you, those we call The Cutting Edge, please remember who you are and what you’ve developed.

Use it.

This is not your time to “Prepare.”

You’ve already done that long ago.

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