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Social Media Detox: Day 1/??

I’m not sure how long I’m going to be without social media, but I heard “until the end of the month”

So that’s really only 22 days, but for some reason it feels like it might go longer. It’s really hard for me to tell.

The fact that it’s hard for me to tell is telling...

The world feels noisy, my brain feels noisy. I don’t feel settled into MY knowing. I’ve been doing a lot of “investigating”. I’ve been sniffing out a lot of truths.

I’ve always been one to sniff out truths, but it’s been even more amplified in the last 6 months for sure!

2020 - this year is definitely going down in the history books. Even mentioning history or books feels controversial.

So here I am with no social media apps on my phone and typing in my notes on my computer. I’ve showered, shaved, cleaned the kitchen, watered the plants, have the diffusers going (valor and thieves) for those of you wondering :)

And now I feel like my days is complete. Ha!

My phone is across the room on airplane mode which feels nice.

A part of me wants to go for a walk without my phone, but that also feels scary. It’s amazing how attached I am to technology. I mean fuck, I’m even writing on my computer.

I thought about hand writing all of these posts, but that felt daunting and like I couldn’t get the words out quick enough.

David and I will still host our podcast LIVE in The Second Paradigm Community.

We’ll still have our channel nights and our live teachings for our VIP group.

So all of that stays the same, but my insatiable thirst for the consumption of social media has been snipped.

I was starting to get to this point where my thoughts weren’t my thoughts anymore. Things were becoming too much.

I’ve spent time learning about vaccines, covid19, 5G, sex trafficking rings, etc…

I feel well versed in all of the narratives that are playing out behind MSM.

Last night I had a thought, what if all of this is just the same as MSM. What if it’s all fabricated too to keep us off path? What if it’s just more of the same? A distraction from our own unique expression…

That’s why we’re here, that’s why I’m not on social media right now. I need my thoughts to be my thoughts and mine alone.

And I want to spend actual quality time with the people I love. I’m living in a really beautiful home with David and our friends Jamin and Lizzie. It seems silly to spend this time disconnected from the reality that’s here right now.

I don’t want to look back on this time wishing I spent more quality time and presence with my own life.

Our consciousness gets sucked into these little screens. Our emotions get manipulated. Our heart strings get pulled. We believe what we’re told. We implement it in our own lives.

Before we know it, we’ve started a mask making business.

But what’s actually here? What’s really here in all of this? What’s my truth in all of this? What’s mine to do?

What’s the lasting mark I want to leave on the world? What’s my message? What’s my truth to share?

I could feel my truth starting to slip, I could feel myself adopting other people’s truths as my own. It was oh so subtle and oh so faint, but I could feel it.

I could feel the fear of “what am I going to do in order to get out of this 'mandatory' vaccine”

I was worried.

But here I am literally saying “nothing is mandatory or obligatory”

But they got me. The narrative got me and I started to lose my center.

My truth is “nothing is mandatory or obligatory.” It’s been my truth for a very long time. I could start to feel that truth within me start to slip and that’s when I knew I was starting to lose my center.

So this is Day 1 of …. We don’t know.

It’s just Day 1

It’s almost 10am and I’m going to head out to get a coffee and a breakfast sandwich.

Ideally I’d wake up early and walk 6 miles and drink a smoothie… but that’s not what is here today.

I’m slowly easing into being again.


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