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Social Media Detox: Day 2

Updated: Aug 14

I walked 2.something miles this morning around the neighborhood. I wasn’t quite ready to go phone less so I brought it with me to track my miles and listen to a podcast I haven’t listened to since Seattle!

I told myself that podcasts aren’t social media. We’ll see how long I can fool myself with that one!

The podcast is a couple of my favorite YouTubers bantering back and forth about their life. I find them absolutely hilarious! I for sure laughed out loud. I caught myself having a great big smile on my face while I walked by the construction workers.

When I got home I put Stress Away and Thieves in both of the diffusers. Sarah was right, they smell exactly like snickerdoodle cookies!

Yesterday I noticed that I felt quite restless. I watched two movies WallE and Radioactive. Both were very good. I’m not one for recapping movies. I either like it or I didn’t and that’s where it starts and stops for me.

Yesterday I baked cookies, read some more of my book, and painted another rock and two golf balls.

We get golf balls hit into our patio nearly every day. So my plan is to paint em and throw em back for the next person. How can you not get a hole in one with a vibrantly painted golf ball?!

I notice myself being vague with the podcast I listened to and the book I’m reading. Sometimes it’s just nice to have things that you keep to yourself. I feel like I share so much about my life and some things I just don’t want to share.

Oh! I had the weirdest dreams last night. Lots of people from high school were there. People from social media that I’ve never met. And current day people.

I’ve been writing down my dreams almost every morning since 2014. I used to e-mail them to myself back then from my blackberry phone! Yup, I totally had a blackberry!

I write them down backwards. Each new chunk of thought - aka paragraph - happened before the first one. If that makes sense. Ha!

I start with the end of the dream and work backwards as far as I can remember.

This dream was about the importance of trusting yourself.

There was a huge party that everyone was at. They were all playing a game that could kill you. Not 100% but there was a chance you wouldn’t make it out alive. I didn’t want to play at all, so I went to my mom’s house and hung out with her.

My friends were sending me pictures of themselves to try to get me to play, but I still wouldn’t. They were telling me how much fun they were having.

People were worried that I would have FOMO if I didn’t go, but no… that’s so not a thing for me.

So I hangout with my mom. We went for a drive, she was driving down a street near her house.

I woke up thinking that the “party” was equivalent to the vaccines. No matter how many people around me do something, doesn’t mean I’ll do it too. Friends from all iterations of my life were there trying to get me to join them, but I felt really clear in my knowing that the party would be over soon and I wouldn’t have missed anything. I enjoyed spending that time with my mom.

I have no idea what today has in store.

We’re recording The Second Paradigm Podcast Live in our Facebook Community and I have a client call at 4pm. That’s it.

I have no idea how I’ll spend the rest of my time today. It’s weird. It’s weird watching myself grab my phone to check IG or Youtube. It’s wild how often I want to be on my phone. It’s wild how much I plug into something else rather than just being in the stillness or restlessness of me.


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