• Miriam Wagoner

Stanley the Street Fighter

For those of you that missed it…

This is Stanley the Pig. (David’s creation)

We know he looks a little rough. He may have been in a street fight or two, but we can assure you, he’s tough as nails.

He wanted to talk about the Digital ID 🐽

First, let’s think back to 2019 when Stanley wasn’t even a thought in his dad’s mind.

Our economy was booming. Crypto was exciting and new to many. Tesla cars were popping up all over the road. We were just starting to use our phones to pay for purchases.

Everyone was yelling “Alexa, tell me a joke!”

The digital age was upon us.

Then bam 2020 💥

Stanley was born!

We mean… COVID19 (certificate of vaccination ID) hit… everyone was going to die! And they meant EVERYONE! Did you see the Chinese propaganda of people dropping dead?!

Oh, shoot, no. Not propaganda. We mean true honest journalism coming from a communist country.

Oh and don’t forget!

You must wash your hands!

Stanley always found that strange. As a pig, he wasn’t interested in hoof washing. He had more important things to do, like roll in the mud and slay the bad guys. *as noted by his scars*

He found it odd that the human hand washing was the solution to the most deadly disease. Must not be that deadly after all. Does 99.97% ring a bell?

Oh, no, it doesn’t? Oh. Ok.

The dystopian messages started to roll in. Quite literally. Parking lots rolled in new solar powered speaker systems that announced “Stay 6 feet apart. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face.”

Masks were an idea introduced later, when Lord Saint Savior Fauci wanted everyone to look like a bank robber in order to withdraw money from their account.

Stanley will never forget the time he wore a bandana into the bank. It something he dreamed of doing. Especially as a badass street fighter. He always wanted to rob a bank. It was on his bucket list.

He walked feeling all confident. Carrying his Glock with his bandana wrapped around his big goofy smile… and withdrew $20.00 of quarters for laundry.

He didn’t have it in him.

It didn’t give him the adrenaline hit he was looking for, but he was able to partially cross "bank heist" off his list.

Stanley noticed that his favorite songs, like Baby Baby from Amy Grant no longer played in the stores. It was silent. You could hear a pin drop. Or is it pen? 🐷

No one looked at each other anymore. If they did, they were told to smile with their eyes.

As you can tell, Stanley loves to smile, but his eyes don’t move. Behind the mask, no one knew what kind of look Stanley the StreetFighter was giving.

People were too docile to pick fights anymore, which made Stanley sad. And as you can tell, it takes a lot to turn that smile upside down.

People only seemed to want to fight the unmasked folx now.

When he ran out of bandanas, he used a sweaty old tee shirt, just like the CDC recommended.

He couldn’t get his hoofs on any PPE, because it was for the 'point and dance' heroes in the hospital.

Remember the heroes that then later got fired? Oh no, you don’t remember that either? Oh. Ok.

When he finally got a box of blue masks made in China they said “… will not provide any protection against Covid19 or other viruses or contaminates.”

Huh? That’s weird. He wondered if anyone ever read the boxes, ingredients, or the small print?

In the beginning Stanley did his part, as he was conditioned to do. He was a good pig (for a short while). He didn’t want to be like those other bad selfish pigs (until he was itching for a fight). He didn’t want to kill his grandma. Although his grandma was already dead, but we don’t need to talk about that. The swine flu took her out. She was a goodie.

One day, when Stanley was out for his usual stroll, he saw masks littered all over the ground. Why weren’t there disposable hazmat waste containers? If this was so deadly, why wasn’t everyone being more careful?

Stanley started to think, maybe this isn’t about our health after all.

He used his immobile eyes to look around and see what the world was versus what arm flapping, pink sweater Bill said it was.

This isn’t about our health, is it? He thought.

Not if McDonald’s isn't closed, but the small local mom and pop health store is. They were deemed not essential. How could that be?

Stanley had fond memories of going into the local health food stores to say his final goodbye to his friends in the freezer section. Grass Fed Grass Finished Gary was going to make some family very happy.

He never found his way to McDonald’s though. Those weren’t his real friends. He never wanted to say goodbye to glyphosate fed and formaldehyde finished humans. Not his type.

Stanley remembered his dad, David, telling him that glyphosate sure sounded a lot like Glyph o Satan.

Huh? Must be nothing.

As time when on, Stanley started to have trouble sleeping. He was depressed. He wasn’t enjoying his life anymore. He was sick of banging pots and pans at 8pm with his neighbors that he still didn’t know.

He felt like something was off, but he couldn’t put his snout on it.

He went to bed one night and was visited by Grandma Swine. She whispered a very important message to him.

He immediately jumped out of bed and ran to his kitchen slung open the drawer and grabbed some tinfoil. Did you know that tin foil hats are a natural remedy for when "something feels off”

As soon as he wrapped his head like a baked potato, he was off to the races.

He suddenly saw it all! It’s as though the heavens had opened up. Ahhhh! Hallelujah! Wahe Guru!

He devoured all of the literature. Event 201. Lockstep. SPARS. He learned all about EMFs. The 13 bloodline families. Yes, he even learned about the Khazarian Mafia.

The hardest hitting realization was that the people on TV, like Savior and Pink Sweater, were actually part of a psychopathic club to control the population. To control pigs like Stanley!

He immediately threw out his Fauci candle, opened the windows and saged his pen… um… house.

He was done! He burned his bandanas. Threw his China made morgellons masks and was ready to begin anew.

And get this! He started posting selfies again of his smile! He finally started to feel like himself again!

He knew something was off and the aluminum hat was the solution to all of his problems.

Well until he learned about chemtrails and heavy metals.

He started detoxing with TRS and he replaced his hat with the “awake, sovereign, intuitive” tank from The Second Paradigm.

Ah! Time for another selfie Stanley! His immovable eyes were clear as can be! He was getting ready to fight again.

He was right, it wasn’t about our health.

As Stanley learned more about the world. As he learned more about the psychopaths that run this place, he started street fighting again.

But this time Stanley is street fighting the real enemy, it goes beyond Pink Sweaters and Saviors.

Oh and as far as Digital IDs go, Stanley is on his way to Congress and will be speaking at 3:00pm today. He's got your back friends! He's about an inch and a half tall, so you'll have to be on the look out, you don't want to miss him!

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