• Miriam Wagoner


As you know I love to poke the bear or shake satan’s apple cart. Tomato/tomahto 🍅🍅

David and I recently recorded a 3.5 hour Topic Talk. It’s our longest one yet. We really went for it. 🔥🔥🔥

And I’ve always had a thing -  a bullshit sniffer - with testimonials.

And this just spirals into so many other areas.

If you use testimonials, don’t let me stop you, but also know testimonials won’t be the reason I hire you. Nope. No. Never.

I’ll hire you because it’s aligned. It’s here. It’s true. It’s where all the energy is culminating.

Back in my Encinitas, CA days where I was surrounded by personal development/spiritual/ coachy coaches… they gave me a ton of terrible advice. That I never used 😆

They said things like “Miriam, people don’t trust their intuition like you do. They’re not just going to hire you if you teach them how to follow their intuition.”

Then I said “I don’t want to teach people to follow their intuition. They need to already be following it in order to work with me.”

We’d go back and forth for hours. I’m not kidding. I’m stubborn AF. When I’m hot on something. I’m on it. I literally feel like a dog with a bone. 🦴 I can’t let it go. That’s my tell for TRUTH.

They’d pull all their coaching tactics. Like, “you’re really doing a disservice. You could help so many more people if you taught them intuition and then build upon that.”

And I’d still say, “no! I don’t want to work with people that aren’t intuitive!”

Eventually they’d give up.

I wouldn’t. I didn’t.

I still stand by that. I’ll stand by that until the end of time.

It’s not my job to teach people to use their access. That’s actually step 1 in working with me 1:1 or in The Second Paradigm. You’ve got to trust your guidance to do so. We don’t convince anyone of anything.

We don’t do “pain points” at T2P. Those two words make me wanna vomit. Everyone around me circa 2015-2018 was talking about pain points, it was THE worst. That was my freaking pain point. The spiritual/New Age/personal development world. Blah! Painiest pain point in the land!

If that means people find our work when they finally start trusting themselves. Then GOOD! GREAT! FANFUCKINGTASTIC! That’s exactly what I want.

If you don’t have intuitive access and you don’t trust  yourself then this ain’t gonna work.

Without Sally telling you how wonderful I am via testimonial… You’ve got to be able to feel into what’s actually here for you.

If you need convincing for mentorship, I don’t wanna mentor you.

Let’s just look at the bigger picture here, why are highly intuitive spiritual people manipulating each other? Why aren’t we encouraging sovereignty? Like TRUE sovereignty? Why are “spiritual” people still manipulating others? Why is it justified? Why do coaches send people to collections for not being able to pay. You were supposed to help, that’s why they hired you.

I’ll always be a stand for truth. Not “my truth” actual mother fucking truth.

And I only want to work with people that are the same.

How’s that for a testimonial?!

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