• David Hrostoski

The Light Always Wins

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

There’s something I can’t get out of my head these days:

The Light Always Wins.

Through channeling B, I’ve come to see reality as a huge negotiation between Light and Dark.

But this divide is differentiated, not by the color of your clothes, the purity of your language or your thoughts, or even your most shameful of vices.

Light and Dark are differentiated by the paradigms at the core of it all.

Here, we call it The First Paradigm and The Second Paradigm.

Do you work with the whole of divinity to align your choices with the greater good?

Or do you try to take matters into your own hands by disconnecting from divinity and trying to do “better” yourself?

That’s the dividing line I’ve come to see our world through: a First Paradigm collective quickly transitioning into a Second Paradigm collective.

The past 100 years alone has brought ideas (like a personal relationship with the divine outside of a fixed religious context) that have laid the foundation for a Second Paradigm revolution within our species.

So when I say, “The Light Always Wins,” what I mean is that The Second Paradigm is an inevitable ending to our grand experiment on Earth.

How can we possibly stay disconnected from our conscience, our own personal connection to divinity, and end up anywhere but a free-for-all race to our global demise?

Those timelines seem to loom over our heads, even more since the start of 2020, as if as a reminder of how this grand play plays out every single time.

The truth is, no First Paradigm civilization could ever sustain itself in the long term.

The self-serving ideology of pretending to have more wisdom than the very whole we’re a part of can’t possibly work in practice.

In the short term, we can manipulate a situation in our favor.

But in the long term, either the people we manipulate turn against us, or there's simply nothing left to take.

That’s the inevitable end of this disconnected game we’ve played on Earth for far too long.

So the Light is inevitable.

Practically, when I look at the world around me and see corruption exploding into the public awareness, as scared as I might be at first, I’m then reminded of this fundamental truth.

It’s hard to tell how far things will have to play out for the large majority of people to recognize that the society we’re trying to desperately to hold onto is built on a paradigm of manipulation and personal gain over the benefit of the very whole we’re a part of.

But as more people see these truths rippling through their consciousness, and build the courage to take a firm stand in their knowing, that process of rapid acknowledgement only quickens.

Our collective awareness of Light and Truth is a chain reaction that only speeds up with time.

The Light is Inevitable.

So what can we do in the meantime?

Become ourselves—truly.

Stand firm in your truth despite the pushback or the perceived social consequences from acquaintances that have never met the person you truly are inside.

Then, speak that truth and radiate your soul’s essence out into the world.

But most importantly, trust your process and know that no matter what may be arising and no matter how confronted you may be, we are already on the ideal path to even further embodiment of our unique essences and our own inevitable awakenings to even deeper layers of our own Light and Truth.

The Light is Inevitable.

The Light Always Wins.

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