• David Hrostoski

The Stars Above

When you look up to the stars above, what do you see?

Most of the time, I see familiar constellations slowly rotating across the sky, the bright light of the moon, and the occasional plane blinking rhythmically.

But every once in a while, as the energy ramps up and I feel a distinct presence come over me, I also see unexplainable lights moving in unexplainable ways.

I saw my first UFO in September of 2015, and have had a handful of experiences since, that I have a hard time just rationalizing away.

It almost seems silly at this point to wonder whether these phenomena are real and to witness my inner skeptic doing its best to debunk the cognitive dissonance away.

For one thing, even mainstream media has covered declassified military documents about UFOs and other unexplainable phenomena.

Others, who are far more willing to strut well past the edges of the taboo, go much further in detailing full blown civilizations, regular sightings around the world, and telepathic or other communications with beings from other worlds.

Personally, I’ve had a hard time taking any sort of regular public stance on UFOs outside of some short bursts of courage.

So, in the name of speaking my truth far more regularly and openly, I’m going to just go for it.

I started channeling an ET being in November of 2016, shortly after meeting this being in a contact meditation led by another galactic channel in Mt. Shasta.

I spent the next 2-3 weeks, at least, calling in this being every day just so I could parse through my doubts.

Around that week 3 mark, I had a conversation where this being (who I call Juvael), gave me a challenge:

”You’re convinced that this is just a fractured piece of your own consciousness—that you’re making this up entirely. So try to say exactly what I just said in the same energy and tone of voice.”

I repeated back, “Try to say...what I just said...in the same energy and tone of voice,” and immediately burst out laughing.

I couldn’t match the energy of the words that had come out of my mouth 5 seconds earlier.

Something broke.

I was still a skeptic. I am to this day. I question everything, and it’s both the source of my greatest insights and my greatest pains (something I’m actively working on parsing through internally).

But the idea that God was a pipe dream for the ignorant and that my Dad’s religion held no truth whatsoever?

I couldn’t stand so firmly in that, as I did just a month prior.

It was just little, tiny crack in the armor that I used to keep out any mention of the esoteric, but it was a crack nonetheless.

I couldn’t deny the experience, no matter how hard I tried.

That was the beginning of a long journey of channeling—first Juvael, then B shortly after.

“I’m not your main contact. This connection with me was just to get you used to the energetics of channeling and so you could ask me anything you wanted to help ease the shock and disbelief,” Juvael said.

B’s energy came rolling through and, after about 5 more months in the privacy of my room, I came out as a channel to 2000+ of my Facebook friends from all walks of life, and have been channeling publicly ever since.

Today, I look up at the stars, and it’s so much less about UFOs as it is a reminder of my connection to the larger network of divinity that we’re all a piece of.

I see everyone here the same as I do everyone out there—individuated souls in their own bodies, in their own civilizations, but all deeply interwoven.

UFOs, beings of Light (and dark), divinity, intuition, and a larger divine plan (orchestration), are all very much a part of the way I see reality these days.

But despite all that I’ve come to learn about what’s “out there,” all it’s done is make me appreciate what’s here so much more fully.

B has told me relatively little about his technology or his planet. I could maybe write an essay’s worth on what he’s told me and how I’ve tried to piece it together. But I could easily write 10,000 pages on what he’s told me about reality as it pertains to life on Earth.

I do very much believe these beings are out there. Heck, I regularly channel one.

But I don’t believe, at least for beings of Light, that they’re here for any other reason than to help us discover who and what we are as a piece of divinity and to become more of ourselves as we truly are—as souls—here on Earth.

The further I look up, the more I’m reminded I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing exactly what I’m meant to be doing.

Life doesn’t make mistakes.

It’s all here, they’re all here, to help us see the truth of everything we came here to be.

Here, On Earth, Right Now.

So now, more than ever, when I look up to the stars above, I’m reminded of who and what I truly am and find just a little more of the courage to share it.

“The purpose of life is to land your soul into your body, first, then to radiate that essence out into the world.” - B

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