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Why TRS Heavy Metal Detox?

We started taking TRS in September 2020 to offset the heavy metals in our air, water, food, household products, etc. TRS is a spray with clinoptilolites/zeolites which bind to heavy metals in the body and get flushed out of the system.

After feeling called to it intuitively and a deep dive into the science behind it, it’s something we both stand by and use daily! As with anything, trust your intuition on whether or not it's for you, and for the timing. You always know. :)

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Why TRS?

A few years back, we both switched our deodorants from aluminum-based products to natural alternatives. It took a long time to find natural deodorants that worked for us, but the switch was important enough to us, that we kept going until we did.

Recently, heavy metals came back into our awareness when TRS started popping up on many of our favorite truther accounts. That exploration led us to learn more about air and water quality and the heavy metals in a wide variety of other products too—cleaning products, protein powders, and even USDA certified organic foods, vitamins, herbs, and supplements.

In the modern world, we’re exposed to (and consume) far more heavy metals than we ever have as a species. TRS helps to offset that exposure in a safe and easy way.