• Miriam Wagoner

True Financial Freedom

I was listening to a podcast today and the woman being interviewed is big into conspiracy theories.

She’s way deep down the rabbit hole. She’s far deeper than I ever plan to go.

According to her everything is a simulation. Satan’s not real. Neither is God.

That’s not a place I want to live. Ever.

I’d rather live with God in my heart and clear eyes to see Satan.

When the conversation turned more real, she said she couldn’t monetize her current role. She said she still has to keep working her soul sucking job.

Her plan, as well as the plan of the man interviewing her, is to make enough money to then leave the matrix.

I was like “Op! There it is!”

Found it!

What did I find? Well, I don’t know exactly. I found something off. Something didn’t click.

They’re both still tethered to the matrix. It’s not a physical undoing.

It’s psychological.

If she believed in God she’d quit her job and know that she’s always taken care of no matter what.

But since she doesn’t believe in God, it makes things really tricky.

She can talk all day about the psychological prison, but she hasn’t escaped it.

There’s actual embodied freedom that people are looking for, it’s not “once I have enough cabal tokens (money), then I’ll be able to live my life.”

That’s still the lie.

It has nothing to do with money, numbers on a screen, stacks of green under your mattress, or silver in your sock drawer.

It’s truly about doing the things that are here for you.

If you’re guided to leave, you leave. You trust your connection. You trust your access. You trust your intuition. You trust your direct line of communication with God, where all things are considered.

This place people are still seeking is The Second Paradigm. It’s completely possible to be psychologically free. I am. Our people are.

People talk about being financially free. People sell courses on that shit.

But the truth is, the embodiment of being financially free happens through time. It happens when you realize that the numbers on the screen have nothing to do with your safety and security. It happens when you've lived enough life. You've taken enough leaps to know that things always work out. Because the little whisper that said "leap" is literally the voice of God.

It took me a long time to get here, but I can tell you, it’s actual liberation. It’s actual freedom.

I will be fine no matter if my bank account is negative 800. That’s happened. Or +30,000. That’s happened too. None of it changes anything. That's freedom.

My reality is the same. I go for walks, drink coffee, and call bullshit on everything else.

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