• David Hrostoski

The Government Has Overreached.

And this will not stand.

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As a society, we have lost touch with our personal connection to divinity.

We’ve allowed ourselves to be lulled to sleep by convenience and false necessity.

We’ve allowed darkness to creep into every aspect of society—standing by, shrugging our shoulders—all the while chasing personal security, wealth, and fame.

We’ve allowed our children to be misguided by academia, crafted into cogs in a machine we know completely defies any sense of truth or holiness.

We hold out in hope that someone, somewhere will bring about some revolutionary new idea or technology that solves all of the worlds problems while we sit by, idle.

Yet, deep down, we already know that we’re the only ones who have the power to make the changes we wish to see—and idle we stay, nevertheless.

We blame capitalism, as if freedom has even been our problem.

The problem in a free society cannot be the freedom itself, but the choices of those individuals who are free.

The true problem is the rampant manipulation of our core biological mechanisms that prefer comfort, certainty, and social conformity over what we know to be true—and, more importantly, the decisions we make from that place.

We stand for nothing, and in that, we watch as our world is ripped to pieces by ideologies that have nothing to offer us but trickery and deceit.

Socialism creeps back into the public square, as if the hundreds of millions of men and women who died under the hand of a tyrannical government never existed or simply did something wrong that we will somehow do differently.

Our ancestors roll in their graves as we walk the same wretched path they too were deceived into walking under the same false pretenses.

We wish away our freedoms, because freedom has become a burden too heavy to carry in our unconsciousness.

Out cry the souls of men and women everywhere.

“Wake up!,” they say.

Yet, the grips of our biology already brought us to our knees so many years ago, and these muscles have now atrophied so fully, that we dare not budge from our subservience.

Where is God in this world?

Where is Light in this world?

Where is divinity in our decisions?

How can we curse the 1% while we sit in comfort on our iPhones and order groceries from Amazon?

How can we ridicule those with differing perspectives, while we consume media that has only ever reported along a single party’s wishes?

We have lost our way, and until we rectify ourselves and come back to the truths we’ve brushed away so many years ago, nothing will change.

This freedom that some still dare fight for today, is not certain tomorrow.

The lives we’ve worked so hard to craft are not nearly as secure as we delude ourselves into imagining.

The moment we lose our connection to ourselves, and to divinity, our lives are fragile. Our country is fragile. Our civilization is fragile.

And we will crumble if we do not find our way back—as we throw more stones than ever, our glass houses only grow thinner.

Listen to those who speak the truth.

Trust yourself—the inner knowing that is the birthright of every man, woman, and child.

And let no movement, no institution, no government ever turn you away from that connection.

Without God, without Light, without our knowing—we shall certainly lose everything we have come to cherish.

The government has already overreached.

These mandates are not for our benefit, and science has now fully taken a backseat to a larger agenda.

The Great Reset is mere millimeters away—a cashless, Godless society, where “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.”

The singularity breaths down our necks, as we forget God and deify our own Logic in machine form.

And the only ones who are excited are those who are either too blind to see, or too large a beneficiary of this new world to care.

There is nothing here that is normal.

There is nothing here that is for our well being.

Too many stand on the sidelines, waiting for things to “go back to normal,” playing political correctness games designed to keep the brightest and best of us out of the discussion.

All the while, countless doctors, scientists, immunologists, virologists, coaches, thought leaders, celebrities, fall in line with a clearly misguided web of deceit.

Out of a fear of ruining one’s reputation, most will stay quiet until the bitter end—no matter how much they know that this reputation will be meaningless in a world that is coming if no one dares speak.

And yet, despite those who cower in ivory towers of false security and continue to run these same treadmills of hollow desire, there are some—a growing number—who demand that Light make its brilliant return to the forefront of this civilization.

Truly, this “new normal” will not stand.

This world will not be lulled out of its freedoms.

This world will not be tricked—not forever.

Light wins here.

There is an inevitable bitter end for all those who choose to craft or contribute to this web of deceit.

For those who do not yet know, they will.

For those who know, and who choose to carry on anyway, how will they then carry the burden of knowing that they did nothing to contribute to the inevitable end of tyranny?

For those who speak, who hold firm and steady to what they know to be true, good, and Light—there is a everlasting fulfillment that comes with that stand against what will turn out to be little more than momentary discomfort.

We are learning, as a civilization, to defy our biological misconceptions and return to our connection to divinity.


When we do, not if, it will be clear just how deceived we’ve allowed ourselves to become.

And it will be clear where everyone stood in this very moment, in the final death throes of darkness on Earth.

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