• Miriam Wagoner

What Ensures Your Safety?

Cash or God?

Money is a big one! It’s probably the most important thing to talk about as a spiritual person, because it’s the biggest hang up. It’s the thing I see nearly everyone hooked by.

People talk about trusting their intuition, they talk about trusting God, trusting the Universe, blah blah fuckety blah.

But when it comes to money there’s a grip that spiritual people have. All their “everything happens for a reason” mantras seem to go flying out the window. Their trust is gone. They’ve got to launch the next program, write an ebook, go into massive debt by signing up with a business coach…. because “spiritual people aren’t good at business”

Well I’m here to break it to you, you are good at business. You’re just fine. There’s nothing wrong with you. No one has the modality that you’re going to copy and paste and feel good about. You may feel good at first, but that only lasts for so long. Copy/pasting other people’s essences that they got from other people, who got it from another person is a ZERO on the satisfying scale.

You’ve got to bring YOU here. You’ve got to bring your essence to the dome.

Ok, so money. Money doesn’t ensure your safety. God does.

That’s it. I could talk for days on money and the hooks that it has in people. The things that people do for money. And it’s not just the extremes… like prostitution, which now is socially acceptable to be a sex worker 🥴

I’m talking the little bits, the little slivers of your soul that you sell to make a quick buck.

Sing in a country accent 🎶 I sold my soul to the devil for a small fry, a Krispie Kreme, and all my dreams, for a Covid19… Vaccine 🎶

That is all completely unnecessary when you actually believe in God. When you know you’re backed by Divinity. When you’re walking in communion with Light.

Your accounts can go to zero or maybe even (gasp) negative and it doesn’t fucking matter. It still won’t tempt you to live an out of alignment life for money, which is an entirely made up idea in the first place.

There’s actual true liberation here folks. When coachy coaches talk about financial freedom, they’re asking how many commas you need in your account to feel “free” and “safe”. “To live the life of your dreams” 🙄

I’m here to say that when SHTF it won’t be about any of that. Fat stacks, commas, silver, crypto, none if it will matter. Your safety and security isn’t ensured externally by numbers on a screen. It’s backed by God.

It’s imperative that you know that!

That 👆🏼 as an embodied lived experience cannot be taken from you. Your connection to God cannot be taken from you. Your intuition, which is your direct line to God, cannot be taken from you either.

Stop saying you believe in God, but you’re continuing to manipulate people for money to ensure your own safety. Your safety is ensured. Period. Well… unless of course you keep selling your soul to Satan. Stop it!

It’s time for you to experience true financial freedom and know that it’s possible!

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