• Miriam Wagoner

What Happened to the Truth?

I like mentioning the word vaccine at least once a day. I want to see where the arbitrary line is. What will get me shadowbanned?

All these self proclaimed awakened people don’t even type the word anymore. They mouth it on their videos, call it code names, and use hand gestures to show a shot in the arm.

And I mean, we know. It’s not ‘technically’ a vaccine. It’s more of a lethal injection to depopulate the dome. But they won’t say that either.

They don’t seem to have a problem placating to an algorithm, but I do.

They preach that it’s up to “we the people”, so wouldn’t they trust that there’s no amount of censorship or account deletions that would actually erase them?

How can they teach about what to do order to be a healthy awake human here - yet they use parentheses as the letter “c” or a freakin unicorn emoji to symbolize that their father died of 🦄 or maybe it was 🦄🦄🦄, you know because…boosted.

In 2019 if your Pops was killed by 3 unicorns that shit would have been all over the news! But today we read it and feel immense sadness.

How long do people continue to cater to AI by speaking like a robot?

Yet they roll their eyes when biological men want to be called she/her, but if I message them, all my words must be disguised. Who is lying to who here?

Is everyone in on this sick game to destroy the things that make use human?

Is the evil so quietly interwoven that they don’t even see how they’re participating?

I guess my line in the sand is closer. Or maybe it’s further. I’ve never been good with metaphors.

I got a clear directive from God to never self censor.

My neurons don’t fire if I pre-edit words before I speak.

My fingers don’t move if I pre-edit before I type.

When you trust you’re connected to light. When you trust you’re guided by divinity. When you know God speaks through you, there’s absolutely nothing to censor.

When you censor you play satan’s game.

I refuse to play satan’s game.

I’m literally here until I’m not… that goes for this platform and for life in general.

But I refuse to die now… to die a death of censorship. SELF censorship nonetheless.

You may never find me again… or maybe you will, but even that isn’t up to me.

We don’t need to ensure our safety or our searchbility, that’s already ensured by God.

To not understand that. To not actually embody that knowing. We lose.


I want to see what happens when I don’t self censor.

I want to see what happens when I continue to speak refreshing truth into a field of unicorns and lies.

I want to see what happens when I don’t acquiesce

Because as we all know “acquiescing is for bitches”

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