• David Hrostoski

What is Inner Solidity?

In our moments of greatest clarity, it starts to become obvious just how shaky our foundations can be as spiritual people.

We know that New Age spirituality encourages us to dissolve our ego, blend into a sea of oneness, and even vilify our own self identity.

We also know that our life’s mission and purpose on this planet starts by freeing ourselves enough to truly become ourselves.

What’s less obvious is just how much of an impact the world around us can have on our psyches.

Having the inner fortification to even have access to our intuition is one thing.

Having the inner fortification to then trust that knowing is a whole other thing.

Just being able to make decisions on our intuitive guidance is a feat that few have accomplished here.

But what we’re talking about here is even beyond that.

As our Eyes to See document unpacked, our free will as a species has been largely bypassed by darkness.

We’re still technically “free” to make decisions, but that freedom has been manipulated through something we call the collective field.

This energetic collective data center is full of every reason why trusting ourselves is wrong, crazy, and certain to bottom out sooner or later.

We trust ourselves, all the while waiting for the other shoe to drop.

How free are we really if we’re bracing for impact on every twist and turn of life?

How much do we truly trust ourselves and our connection, when something as imaginary as currency can shape our decision making more than the most powerful force in existence?

True liberation means that our being is no longer compelled to grapple with itself.

That requires that we liberate ourselves from the collective field.

Again, New Age spirituality would encourage that we dissolve our identity in favor of this collective field—“oneness.”

But this collective field is the very mechanism through which we’re manipulated.

Habitual referencing of this collective field is so natural, that most people assume it’s just their own “individual thought.”

As spiritual people, even as we liberate ourselves enough to choose our soul truth, if we still grapple with ourselves over how wrong, crazy, and misguided we are, there’s a reason for that.

It has nothing to do with that being our shadow, or our trauma, or even ours at all.

It’s the natural tendency we have as a species to reference the collective field to “check ourselves” against the world around us.

Because that field is hijacked, to put it plainly, we get a message from divinity then check in with darkness to see if that was a good decision.

How far can we really get when we run every decision we make by the dark hierarchy, then feel through the resulting hours or days of shame, confusion, and doubt?

We’re liberated, but not nearly enough to “radiate our essence out into the world.”

Certainly not enough to precisely translate a divine intelligence—our soul’s unique work in the world—into physicality.

Inner Solidity is exactly what it sounds like. It’s trusting ourselves enough to no longer go to battle inside our beings every time we face any inkling of uncertainty.

As much as the spiritual world might call that “trauma,” “unconscious programming,” or “shadow,” the truth is, we’re only in so much conflict because we habitually ask darkness what it thinks about our Light.

Reclaiming our free will and no longer fighting with ourselves means differentiating the collective field from our internal world.

It means we never leave our Peace again for any reason—the place we’re truly impenetrable.

This is a bit of the discussion we’re having in our group mentorship program, Inner Solidity.

We’re not just building the solidity to trust ourselves and our intuition, but to liberate ourselves from the collective field and settle into a place we can only call, “Eternal Peace.”

If you’re feeling the ping to explore this more with us, learn more about Inner Solidity here:


Here’s to reclaiming our free will and becoming exactly who we came here to be. 🤍

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