• Miriam Wagoner

When the dust settles.

It’s so odd to really feel the truth in “it’s not my time yet.”

It’s just not. And I’m finally ok with it.

I’ve been annoyed and angry and just ready to cut a bitch for a long time.

I didn’t understand how people couldn’t see what I saw. Why did everyone acquiesce to masks in March 2020? Why wasn’t that your line? Everyone just capitulated like little bitches. Why didn’t your intuition sound like a 🚨 do you even have access? Like WTF?!

How could you believe that Joe Biden - it’s not even the real him - won the (s)election?

Why am I the conspiracy theorist for thinking outside of the hijacked collective field? Why am I the one that went off the rails for actually trusting my intuition above all else?

I lost friends over trusting my direct line to God. Because they trusted their direct line to BLM. They trusted their direct line to social pressure. They trusted their direct line to job security.

All of that is false! It keeps you imprisoned. Enslaved.

When you’re backed by God anything is possible. It’s not about job security or social pressures.

I didn’t understand how people couldn’t see what I saw?

Why are new agers and channel people talking about a new earth? Didn’t they trace new age back to Satanism and watered down black magic?

If they’re such great spiritual people - then don’t they have the same access I do? Shouldn’t they be able to see what I see? I mean, I know I’m connected. And they say they’re connected. So Um… why isn’t this shit adding up?

Why did “spiritual people” take the vaccine? Why did “spiritual people” go into hiding and not talk about anything controversial?

What the fuck is wrong with these spiritual people?

Does anyone else see what I see? Why do I have to tell you? Why can’t you fucking see it?

Have you looked up? ✈️

Why haven’t you bet your entire existence on your intuition as true and valid?

Why don’t you know that your intuition is the most important technology on the planet?

It’s not about TRS, link in bio 😎, it’s not about supplements, it’s not about EMF protection, it’s not about beef liver.

All things I have and do and eat.

It literally comes down to your intuition, which is your direct line of communication with God.

God is very real! I wish the new agers would get that. I wish they’d stop saying universe. I wish they’d stop denouncing God.

When you actually understand God and Satan, it changes things.

You snap back into reality. This reality. Not the new earth. Y’all can suck a big fat dick with the new earth talk.

Ain’t nothing new about it. I guarantee I can still find you. 👀

Y’all can suck another dick with “healing your trauma” and breath work and shadow work and tapping on your forehead and on and on and on. It never ends - the seeking never ends.

That’s intentional ya know.

Keep ‘em in the rat race of “healing” 🖕🏼

When you know God - personally - you know you don’t need ANY of that shit. NONE! ZERO! ZILTCH!

When you trust yourself - your intuition - your access - you know you’re already good.

When you know and understand that no matter what comes your way, you’ll navigate it with the upmost precision, because your backed by God.

When FEMA comes knocking on your door, you’ll be prepared because you’re backed by light.

You won’t be scrambling to gather your EMF radiation hat. I can tell ya that.

God… God is where all things are considered.

There’s still a long way to to go. People don’t see what I see and know what I know. They barely have room for it. They’re all spun out in acquiring things or “skills” to save themselves. I’m telling you. That ain’t it.

It’s not my time yet to lead mass amounts of people. It will be. I know it. I’ve always known it.

There’s just as much fear mongering in “truther” movement.

When you can really see through it all and trust your intuition. It’s game over for all these mother fuckers.

All of IT suddenly becomes irrelevant.

So. I’ll be here. Again, as I’ve said for nearly 10 years. “You’ll know where to find me when the dust settles, because it always settles.”

And for those of you trusting your intuition 100% of the time for everything. Including your finances. You’re fucking awesome. You’re free! Welcome to the club!

Most people can’t relate. Obvi.

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