• Miriam Wagoner

When the Pendulum Swings

It’s been easier to post videos over the last year than to write.

It’s almost like I forgot how.

All I’ve really wanted to do is talk talk talk. :) As you know. You’ve heard me riff here on IGTV + The Second Paradigm Show + The Second Paradigm Podcast!

Give me a microphone and say the word “mask” and chances are you won’t get me to stop! I have so many opinions about 2020+

For whatever reason it’s been important that I keep my pulse on all of the latest current events. It’s been important to see them through a different lens than what 2019 Miriam would have seen them through. If I had a work place with a water cooler - I would totally be able to talk about all the things!

Although I probably would have already quit or been fired for not complying with the “new normal” company policies. There’s no way I could work for a company that is acquiescing to the NWO. No way… I’d be encouraging everyone to boil water under their mask to find the morgellons!

Side note: Can we just talk about how ridiculous GROWN MEN… big bulky ass GROWN MEN look wearing masks? I saw a guy today walking with all this swag wearing a mask… I said to David, “look at this guy walking with swag like he’s tough, but he’s wearing a fuckin mask… he’s a fuckin pussy! There’s zero chance he’d make any woman feel safe.”

Sometimes I think David doesn’t know what to do with me! Ha!

So what was I saying? Oh ya… water cooler…. I’d be fired… Thank god I work for myself! Phew!

Hey you too can work for yourself. It’s harder, but worth it. You don’t have to acquiesce to anyone’s made up rules. Ever! You’re way more powerful and capable than any employer would like you to believe. So if it’s time to quit… trust it. Do it! You’ll learn more about yourself and your relationship to God through entrepreneurship than working a soul sucking job. But you know this… you’ve been getting the ping for awhile… trust your timing. You’ll quit when you feel the opening.

Did you know that you also don’t have to sell a sliver of soul… not anymore. Those dog days are done.

As a society look what selling a sliver of our soul got us. It got us here! To this fuckery.

Let’s go forward without selling even the slightest sliver, ok? I promise it’s possible. I’m doing it. So you can do it.

The only secret is just doing it. Things become so unbearable that there’s only one way and that one way is through the fear of the world bottoming out on you. And then it doesn’t. Ever. That’s a trip that you can only learn through experience. Try it! 10/10 recommend.

So many side notes here. I talk and write in circles. I’m just taking you for a ride, aren't I?

I wanted to tell you, I can feel the pendulum swinging the other way.

I don’t want to be so plugged in. Not to the latest woke mob burnt city or the latest how many magnets can we stick to the arm of injected people or how big was your blood clot?

I can feel myself getting back to my place in all of this. I’m getting back to my place in world.

My place consists of peace and stillness. My place consists of fiery rants to remind you that you don’t need to get swept up in the latest fear. There will always be a new thing to panic about. There will always be a new rule set for “how to be a good person”. There will always be a new toilet paper + gas shortage. There will always be something to drum up fear. When that fear is drummed up, they can hook you with the latest new program. But when you’re in your peace ain’t nothing hookin.

And um… Secret Revealed: You’re already a good person! Just by you BEING who you are here… that’s it… it’s really simple and oh so complex.

My place consists of being. Whatever that means at any given moment.

I’m not here to work a traditional job. I’m not here to convince you of anything. I’m not here to do much of what society deems right.

My success won’t be measured by any human metric.

My success will be measured by how much of ME I am willing to be in any and all situations.

Did I really anchor my soul into my body? Did I radiate my essence here? Did I walk in truth? Did I press new edges? Did I become more of myself?

Only time will tell.

But um… looks like I’m right on track.

You are too! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. They’re lying if they’re telling you that you need to be doing something different than what you’re getting through you’r own unique connection to God, capeesh!?

— Miriam

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